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Pakistani scientist for Man of Year Award

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    Pakistani scientist for Man of Year Award

    With all the negative coverage in the media about Pakistani scientist community, I think this news is breath of fresh air.
    • Pakistani scientist rejects money, UK nationality: Man of Year award verdict today

      By Ashraf Mumtaz

      LAHORE, Feb 11: Prof Dr Aurangzeb Hafi, a Pakistani scientist contesting for the prestigious international title "Man of the Year 2003 in Interdisciplinary Sciences" has rejected the "unofficial" offer that he accept British citizenship to be a winner.

      He also turned down the offer of two million pounds sterling (or Rs210 million) for providing the original manuscript of his magnetosectorial model, on the basis of which he has joined the race, saying the invention was a trust of his country which he would not like to barter for personal gains.

      The offer was made by the London-based International Scientific Council on Tuesday, only hours before the jury -- the council itself -- was due to sit in judgment on who should be decorated.

      Dr Hafi was told that he should approach the British High Commission in Islamabad and get nationality within half an hour. However, the contestant for the award rejected the bait on the plea that he is a Pakistani and would like to win or lose the race in the same capacity.

      The International Scientific Council is reluctant to honour a Pakistani, arguing that Islamabad is not a member of the Commonwealth. A Pakistani citizen, Jalil Khurshid, moved the relevant authorities in London on Tuesday and got the verdict stayed for two days.

      Jalil reportedly said that the reservations expressed by the jury could be answered legally and thus he should be given time to prepare the case. The request was granted and now the name of the winner would be announced on Thursday (today).

      Dr Hafi made a breakthrough in the modern scientific research by developing the magneto sectorial model for the first time in the world. His research would vivid far-looking and long lasting effects on agriculture, environmental and medical sciences, space biology, magnetohydrodynamics and multi-disciplinary sciences

      Dr Aurangzeb Hafi is one of the six scientists shortlisted out of 1,376 from 900 universities in 60 countries by the International Scientific Council, headquartered in Britain.

      The shortlisted contestants in addition to Prof Dr Hafi are; Prof Dr J.A. Walker, Dr I.J. Richards (UK), Prof Dr Okada (Japan), Dr J.F. Larson (Denmark) and Dr S. Nevelli (India).

      Dr Hafi thinks that scientific research should not be judged on the basis of political considerations and inventors should be encouraged irrespective of their nationality
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    well i hate to be cynical but i have no choice.. let's see what happens to this prinicpled person who's standing up for his country.. let' see how the country honors his hard work and dedication.. let's just wait and see.. and I hope it's not met with the same fate as the rest of the talented young men and women who meet dead ends and are forced to migrate..
    JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


      zabardast ahmed g thats great news.......

      Allah un ko istiqamat day aur qadeer sahib say ibrat hasil karnay wala banai....
      لا عيش إلا عيش الآخرة
      BROTHERS NOT SLAVES. Regain Respect







            So he won the title after all.

            You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you.



              It's not about how one is treated by others, it's about how one stands for his principles, and MashAllah, this man no doubt has stood his ground...May Allah :swt: give him more strength, more Hikma, more istiqamat and fortitude to serve his country...May there be many more like him, Ameen...
              Focus not on who you are but what you do...


                Inshallah, outstanding Pakistanis such as Dr. Hafi will make Jinnah's Pakistan a reality.



                  this dude's da man



                    p.s i thought pakistan was the part of common wealth?
                    - I swear to drunk I am not God :-/


                      ^ Suspended as theres a dictator in power instead of democracy. Bull.
                      Yaad aaiy jo dard ki raat may, jis ki baat ho apni har baat may.


                        mashAllah.... May ALlah bless them...

                        sam bhia..we need more peoples like that in our country.. insahllah


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                            very nice

                            he has given us another reason to be a proud Pakistani



                              un ki gali say guzray .. ajab itifaak tha
                              phool unhoon nay phainka .. gamla bhi saath tha