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another little story with moral

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    another little story with moral

    The apple tree

    Long ago there was a huge apple tree. A little boy enjoyed playing with the tree every day. He climbed in it, ate it's apples, sometimes fell asleep in it's shadow. He loved the tree and the tree liked it that the boy played with him.

    Then the boy grew older and stopped playing with the tree every day. One day he came to the tree, looking sad.

    "Will you play with me?" asked the tree. But the boy replied: "No, I'm older now and like to play with toys, but I don't have the money to buy them."

    "I'm sorry I don't have money," replied the tree, "but you can take all my apples and sell them. " The boy was ahppy, he took all the apples of the treea nd left with a big smile on his face. Since the day all the apples were gone, the boy stopped coming. The tree was sad.

    One day the boy returned. The tree asked: "Come play with me."
    "I don't have time to play, ansewred the boy, "I have a family now to take care of. We need a house, can you help us?"

    "I don't have a house, said the tree, but you can cut of my branches to build a house. " So it happened and the boy left again with a big smile on his face. The tree was glad that it coudl make the boy happy. But afterwards the boy didn't come back, so tree felt sad an dlonely.

    On e hot summerday the boy returned. "Come play with me said the tree.

    "I'm sad and growing older. I want to go rowing. So I can relax myself. Tree, do you have a boat?"

    You know what boy, you can use my treetrunk.
    So that's what the boy did, he made his boat and left.

    Ever since, many years passed before the boy returned.

    "I"'m sorry, apologiesed the tree, 'but I have nothing left for you. All my apples are finished."

    "Apples? I can't eat them anymore, I've lost all my teeth, "said the boy, "I also don't have a trunk anymore for you to climb in ? "
    "Climbing? I'mtoo old for that now. " said the boy.

    "There is nothing left I could give you, " said the tree sadly. All I have are my dying roots. "

    "I don't need much anymore," said the boyk, "just a little place to rest. I've grown tired after all htese years.
    "Good!" the tree suddenly said, "old roots are made to lean and rest upon. Come here and sit down and have a nice rest. "

    The boy sat down and the tree was so happy tht with a smile there also appeared a tear in it's eye.

    This story is for everyone. You should look at the tree as your parents. When we were little we all enjoyed playing with our Mom ad Dad. When we grew older we stopped doing that but id stop by when we neded something or when in trouble. Doesn't matter what. OUr parents are always there for us and will always help us. Perhaps you find the boy mean towards the tree, but htis is the way we all treat our parents. If you recognise yourself in the little boy, try giving your parents more time, be good to them, just like they are to you. They (and especially your mother!) are in_sha_Allah your key to paradise. Do your best and don't forget to tell your parents howmuch you love them. Becuase they love you too!

    Beautiful story, if we could all learn the moral of the story and keep it in our hearts and practice it


      Very good indeed!




          Unfortunately another eye-opener for me personally too! Wish I could say I wasn't like that boy, but without even realising I was! :-(

          btw, I forgot to mention the source, writer unknown, website: