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Poll: More Doubt U.S. Has Iraq War Clout

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    Poll: More Doubt U.S. Has Iraq War Clout


    Last weeks massive worldwide demonstrations have not and prolly will not deter Bush, Blair and other pro-war hawks from waging the war, but they sure had some effect on the American public, as more of them think that US doesnt have enough international support for their cause.

    Poll: More Doubt U.S. Has Iraq War Clout

    Nearly six in 10 Americans, 57 percent, say the United States should get a second U.N. resolution before attacking Iraq, and about the same number, 58 percent, say this country does not currently have enough international support for such an attack.

    General support for military action against Iraq was at 66 percent, but that tends to drop in polls when people are asked about attacking without allied backing. Polls show a majority approves of military action as long as this country has the support of major allies.

    Six in 10 said they believe the weapons inspection efforts showed that Iraq will not cooperate and cannot be peacefully disarmed. But the number of people who believe Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had any connection with terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 dropped from 66 percent in October to 57 percent now. (I guess not everyone bought Powell's UN speech where he tried to show such a link)

    U.S. Needs More International Backing
    I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.

    Interesting poll findings. So if the US goes for a unilateral attack on Iraq, then the majority of American people are very uneasy and not supportive of such a measure?