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MQM: A blessing or curse? For Karachites.

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    MQM: A blessing or curse? For Karachites.

    Dear friends,

    I speak here as a Karachite. Not as a Sindhi, Muhajir, Pathan or whatsoever.
    I have been visiting many different cities of Pakistan during the last 5 years. It saddens me to the depth of my heart when I compare Karachi with other cities. Consider Lahore for example, it has developed so much in the last 3 years. Consider Peshawar, it is a very very beautiful city now because of the local management. I wonder what has happened to Karachi? Why us? Have we been ignored on purpose? Dont us Karachites have any unity? MQM has been getting votes in the name of doing something for Muhajirs/Karachi. I dont see what it has done till yet. All I see is that every other day there is a fresh clash b/w MQM rivalries, APMSO students boast around showing off their power in the name of MQM, worst, Altaf has exiled himself, after his torture cells were found out. Count me one single instance where MQM has done something useful.

    My question is: Why do muhajirs still vote for MQM when you have seen that MQM has done nothing for you but bought you misery? Also, why do Muhajirs call themselves Muhajir? Are they not Pakistanis now, or will they eventually go back to India, like the original muhajirs went back to Mecca?

    Every bad event in Karachi deepens me to undescribable extent. I honestly wish and try my best to do something for this city of lights, which unfortunatly is dying gradually because of our negligence.

    heii man,
    u seem to be too much interested on karachi.well i understand ur feelings and mind frame.but just answer me these questions and then u will find out the answers for ur questions...

    1)why sindhis want to get rid off the punjabi fists of administration?

    2)why MQM is so popular among sindhis?

    3)why hindus in karachi(especially in sindh)being called MQM agents?
    aS I cross the river of my feelings,the echo in me is Duty honour country.......


      Yaar... i dont see any link in the questions you asked and my questions asked. Anyways, i'll answer.

      1. Sindhi's just want equal share in their administrative rights, over sindh. E.g., even the IG sindh have been punjabi over the last decades. Seldom has a Sindhi/Urdu speaking (I prefer to call rather than Muhajirs) IG been nominated. Sindhis dont want to get 'rid' of punjabi administration, but just rathar have their due share.

      2. MQM is popular in sindh because MQM is directly affecting sindhis lives. MQM rather then speaking for Karachi, talks about Muhajirs more. Sindhis, who happen to be the native of Sindh, are ignored. Hence, MQM is popular amougnst sindhis. And oh, for your information, MQM is not at all reknowned in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and other regions.

      3. I have never heard of this allegation, but, I suppose they are hindus and that's why that are called this way. MQM agents is said so because sindhis do not like MQM very much, for obvious reason that MQM speaks for Muhajirs, rather then the general Sindh!


        mujahirs and sindhis should marry each other like altaf did to solve the


          Before we can discuss the blessings and curses of MQM, we should also discuss the blessings and cursings of the Pakistani army regimes. It is important to get the whole picture of what has happened in Pakistan.


            Yaar i need an answer from someone who is pro-MQM. I want to see what they think about the great MQM. Maybe I am wrong, and afterall, MQM is a good party...
            Honestly, I dont see any reason why people still vote to MQM.


              Well, I am not pro-MQM, so I don't know. But are you pro-army? If so, I have some questions for you.


                They should get rid of the coward who has fleed to England, after his great 'kartoots' were exposed...

                MQM, is definately a huge curse... All the peaceful residents of Karachi, who have lost loved ones and have witnessed shootings, killings, rape at the hands of these terrorists will never forgive them...




                  I agree with you 100%. But people who created this demon, should burn in hell forever.



                    Re: 786

                    The end is near.