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Khatami says Marxism's collapse spurred US to create 'enemy'

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    Khatami says Marxism's collapse spurred US to create 'enemy'

    This raises two good topics, at least. 1) Is Iran trying to take a more active role in the region? and 2) When the h--- are people going to realize that Iraq also holds sovereign rights, no matter how bad Saddam is, and would not be wrong to deny UN inspectors?! I mean, how can you argue for your sovereign right to attack another sovereign nation while denying them their right to deny what are essentially tourists?!!

    Khatami says Marxism's collapse spurred US to create 'enemy'

    The collapse of Marxism has spurred elements in the United States to create a "new enemy" to justify their huge military budgets, Iranian President Mohammad Khatani charged here.

    Khatami, ending a four-day visit to India Monday, addressed his remarks late Sunday to a gathering of Indian Muslim academics and preachers, The Hindu newspaper reported.

    The United States was a strong nation but some in the West felt a need to create a "new enemy" to allot large budgets to pursue policies he called expansionist, Khatami was quoted saying by the newspaper.

    Khatami's comments came as US Secretary of State Colin Powell said Washington had the sovereign right to attack Iraq for failing to account for its weapons of mass destruction.

    "We will act even if others are not prepared to join us," Powell said Sunday at the World Economic Forum at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, downplaying European objections to launching military action against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

    Khatami admitted "mistakes" by some Muslims and said Islam was facing internal questions. "We should not deny that these questions exist," he said.

    But he said Western countries were using "psychological operations" to portray Islam the source of violence and justify their actions.

    Khatami argued that democracy and Islam were compatible. "Doesn't democracy have (fewer) shortcomings as opposed to dictatorship?" he asked.

    The president of the Islamic republic also added his voice to calls for religious unity in India, where some 2,000 people died last year in communal violence in the western state of Gujarat after a Muslim mob torched a train carrying Hindu pilgrims, killing 58.

    The state's Hindu nationalist government, led by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's BJP party, was accused by human rights groups of turning a blind or even sympathetic eye to subsequent vigilante attacks on Muslims.

    "The blood of Muslims and Hindus was shed together for the birth of a new India," Khatami said.

    "As an Iranian Muslim, I would like to pay tribute to the Muslims and non-Muslims of India."

    Religious conflict would only go to strengthen the "enemies inside," he warned.

    Khatami arrived in New Delhi Friday and was the guest of honour at India's 54th Republic Day celebrations Sunday.

    On Saturday he held talks with Indian leaders including Vajpayee and President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, after which the two delegations signed seven agreements, including a declaration slamming "double standards" in the global campaign against terrorism.


    THERE is absoultely no doubt about this america started to look for a adversary after the cold war ended there are big noses in america who were making thier living out of selling war and fear
    there is a huge arms industry in usa there is a huge army, bases billions at stake. besides americas role as a global policeman or as a only bully was also at stake?
    its in the american interests that fear and war pot is kept burning
    i think iran.pakistan and malaysia will have to form a new axis to counter this new threat