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Is Iraq war good for Economy?

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    Is Iraq war good for Economy?

    The dow jones is hemmeraging. There are no catalysts on the horizon to turn
    DJ around. It went down about 200 points during the day. By white house's
    own admission this war could cost $$$$$$$$ which no ally is likely to share.
    The budget is already in the red, and many senior citizens' savings are
    nearly wiped out. Many 401K are wiped out due to DJ falling to new bottom
    every other day despite economists' predictions and lowering of interest
    rates. Does a war in Iraq make sense?

    I think this election should be about economy, not war with Iraq.
    Mr. Bush is being led down the garden path by extreme right around him.

    THere are great alternatives for USA. Just look around the world, and see
    India and China, the only two econimies growing at 6+ pct. China is now no.
    2 economy and India is no.4 economy (2.2 trillion gdp) on purchasing power
    parity basis. Of these two, the Indian economy is of greater interest, since
    it is the largest democracy and english speaking.

    One incident of 9/11 put US budget in the red. India has been subject to
    mommedan paki terror now over 14 years. Despite this very high cost of
    terror, the Indian economy is growing phenomenally. The US economic presence
    in India can be much much higher than it is today, benefitting american job
    market. THe US troops are in India's neighborhood already, fighting the
    AlQuaida which has benefitted India too. But India is still not free from
    scourge of terror as can be seen with daily murder and mayhem in Kashmir by
    pakis. US should partner with India more actively, and stamp out terror from
    everywhere in the region, not just in Afghanistan. Most Talibans now live in
    Pakistan, having escaped from Afghanistan. It makes sense for USA to invade
    pakistan, and drain the swamp fast, install a secular (ie non-mommedan -
    that means kicking out mushraf) democracy in pakistan quickly in order that
    economy is restored as India puts in resources in development where US
    companies can easily gobble up large contracts.