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China to invest $50 Billion for Mega Dams in Pak

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    China to invest $50 Billion for Mega Dams in Pak

    Indus River Cascade : The Life Line of Pakistan with cheapest I/P available to Agro/Industry/Domestic @ Rs.2.5/Unit & would ensure Water/Food/Energy Security of Pakistan with quickly depleting Himalayas Glaciers ... Thanks to general ayub Khan as Tarbela & Mangla kept Pakistan %GDP almost double to India from 1970-1990 with Green Revolution Agro Growth & Rs.0.70/Unit average tariff & Energy Mix ration of 80:20 Hydel to Thermal till 1990.

    China and Pakistan sign US$50 billion MoU earmarked for Indus River Cascade

    BEIJING, China
    By Gregory B. Poindexter
    Associate Editor

    China and Pakistan signed a US$50 billion memorandum of understanding (MoU) on May 13 to develop and complete the Indus River Cascade, according to information from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The MoU was one of several signed related to improving and developing Pakistanís infrastructure.

    Yousuf Naseem Khokhar, Pakistanís Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) secretary for Water and Power, and Chinese Ambassador in Pakistan, Sun Weidong, signed the MoU under the CPEC agreement during the Diamer-Bhasha Project Conference hosted by Chinaís National Energy Administration (NEA) in Beijing, China.

    Under the MoU, Chinaís NEA would oversee building and funding the five hydropower projects that have an estimated total installed generation capacity of 22,320 MW and according to WAPDA, the Indus River has a potential of producing 40,000 MW.

    The Indus River Cascade begins from Skardu in Gilgit-Baltistan and runs through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, both located in the northwestern portion of Pakistan. Overall, Pakistan has identified a potential of 60,000 MW from hydropower projects.

    A well-placed source in the Ministry of Water and Power told Daily Times that the NEA experts had already conducted feasibility study of the entire North Indus Cascade including the sites of above mentioned five projects in February 2017.

    The planned cascade includes the 4,500-MW Diamer-Basha project, which is already being constructed and four additional projects being developed: 2,400-MW Patan; 4,000-MW Thakot; 7,100-MW Bunji; and 4,320-MW Dasu.

    In April, WAPDA awarded a pair of contracts to perform resettlement works associated with construction of the two-stage Dasu hydropower project to China's Zhongmei Engineering Group, worth about $18.56 million combined. The work includes the resettlement of Barseen, Kaigah, Khoshe, Logro, Nasirabad and Uchar.

    WAPDA said the resettlement package includes utilities, roads and other amenities including schools, livestock accommodations and recreational areas.
    In February, WAPDA announced it finalized the main contracts for civil works for stage-1 of the Dasu project, which is 2,160 MW.

    The Dasu hydropower stage-I project is estimated to cost about $4.2 billion and is located on the Indus River in the Kohsitan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its location is about 240 km upstream of the 3,480-MW Tarbela hydropower complex and 74 km downstream from the Diamer-Basha site.

    According to CPEC information, funding the Indus River Cascade represents Chinaís second-largest investment in Pakistan following $57 billion already committed to several infrastructure improvements under the CPEC.

    China and Pakistan sign US$50 billion MoU earmarked for Indus River Cascade - HydroWorld

    Re: China to invest $50 Billion for Mega Dams in Pak

    DailyTimes | China to invest $50bn for mega dams in Pakistan


      Re: China to invest $50 Billion for Mega Dams in Pak

      ^^^I hope China should soon take over Pakistan and put your corrupt leaders in jails. Eliminate mullahs and introduce real socialist system in Pakistan. Pakistan does not need the present kind of Islamic corrupt system. Pakistan should merge with China.


        Re: China to invest $50 Billion for Mega Dams in Pak

        how many kickbacks and corruption in this? And will this also take 300 yrs to complete ?

        ALL BS, its only for the rich politicians
        Go Main Raha Raheen-e-Sitam Haae Rozgaar
        Lekin Tere Khayaal Se Ghaafil Nahin Raha