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Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

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    Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

    Story moving
    Rangers raid at MQM headquarter Nine-Zero Azizabad


      Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

      Originally posted by Anwer Pasha View Post
      Case in Germany

      بلدیہ ٹاؤن فیکٹری آتشزدگی: جرمنی کی عدالت میں مقدمہ دائر
      یہ مقدمہ جرمن فرم کے خلاف ورثاء کو معاوضے کی ادائیگی کے لیے دائر کیا گیا ہے، ایک مقدمہ اٹلی میں بھی دائر کیا جائے گا۔
      DAWNNEWS.TV|BY ‎ڈان اخبار‎


        Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

        A new twist in the story
        New name
        The confession
        And wait for the result of the all with 12 jummat pass minds creation


          Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

          more in English

          Baldia factory case suspect makes disclosures

          �� 23:22 Mar 25, 2015 UPDATEDKARACHI: The guarantor of Rizwan Qureshi, a key accused in Baldia Town factory fire case, has made shocking revelations during police interrogation, sources said. The suspect, Javed Shakil, told interrogators that a meeting was held in an office of a political party to devise a plan to set the said ...


            Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

            Everything changed now
            شکیل کی بیگناہی کے بعد کیا اسکےحوالے سےخودساختہ اعترافی بیان میڈیا کو جاری کرنیوالوں کیخلاف کارروائ کی جائیگی؟

            JIT clears Shakeel alias Chhota in Baldia factory fire case | PAKISTAN -
            KARACHI: The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) interrogating Shakeel alias Chhota, declared him innocent late on Thursday night, in the Baldia factory fire case.The...


              Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

              ^ lagta hay kuch muk-muka ho gaya hay


                Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

                Now killers blaming each other

                Links of Baldia funds squanderers will lead to Governor House: PSP
                October 19, 2016Updated @ : 17:08 pst
                PSP spokesman alleged that the links of those who squandered funds for Baldia...


                  Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

                  Truth is these people hijacked MQM ... Hammad Siddiqi.. Anees QaimKhani, Mustafa Kamal, and Ishrat ul Ebad...

                  They were kicked out from MQM due to such activities in 2013...

                  Karkun at 90 beat them because of illegal activities... There was a news back in 2013 that hammad siddiqi and other karachi tanzeemi committee were beaten by karkun..


                    Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

                    Originally posted by muqawwee123 View Post
                    Which political party? Why don't they name it.

                    Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire, Rangers tell SHC – The Express Tribune

                    KARACHI: Rangers on Friday afternoon submitted a report to the Sindh High Court (SHC) on the Baldia factory fire, revealing that the inferno – which killed over 250 people in 2012 – was deliberate and members of a political party were behind it, Express News reported.
                    Fire in Ali Enterprises – a garment factory in Baldia Town – burnt 259 people alive on September 11, 2012.
                    A two-member SHC bench, headed by Chief Justice Maqbool Baqir, took up the case today. The Rangers report submitted to the bench stated that a member of the accused political party admitted to setting the factory on fire along with his accomplices. The suspect was arrested by Rangers as part of the investigation into the inferno.

                    RELATED: SHC asks spy agencies to submit reports on Baldia factory fire

                    Rangers have asked SHC to keep the findings of the report secret due to the involvement of politicians in the attack.
                    During the hearing, the court ordered the concerned authorities to distribute cheques among the victims who haven’t been given any financial support. It also asked the authorities to submit a report in one week time.


                      Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

                      KARACHI: The only arrested suspect in Baldia factory fire case Zubair recorded his statement in front of an anti-terrorism court in Karachi on Monday.

                      According to the suspect, General Manager Mansoor and an employee of the factory Shahrukh ordered to set the fire.
                      The Judge also grilled the authorities for not being able to arrest Hammad Siddiqui and Abdul Rehman Bhola, the other two suspects of the case.
                      The court stayed its order over the bail of accused Zubair alias Lala. In his statement, Zubair said that Mansoor and Shahrukh had given orders to lock all the doors of the factory.
                      “People were dying in front of me. At that time the SSP asked me to give a statement against the factory owners,” he said.

                      The court ordered the interior ministry to arrest fugitives with the help of Interpol.
                      In September 2012, a deadly fire devoured 269 lives at a factory situated in Karachi's Baldia Town. Subsequent investigations led to revelations that the factory was deliberately set ablaze over non-payment of protection money.
                      A JIT probing the matter put the blame on some MQM members and activists including Hammad Siddiqui and Rehman Bhola. The party has repeatedly denied the allegations.



                        Re: Members of political party behind Baldia factory fire!

                        So now the latest arrest is this guy Abdul Rehman who was named earlier as well in this case. Its being done in bankok. I hope they hang them all.

                        Main suspect behind Baldia factory fire arrested in Bangkok - The Express Tribune


                        A Pakistani man suspected of starting a devastating fire in Karachi’s Baldia garment factory four years ago that killed 255 people has been arrested in Bangkok, Thai police said Saturday.
                        Abdul Rehman, 46, was detained at a hotel in the red light district Nana area of the capital on Friday evening, said Thailand’s Interpol chief.

                        “Thai Interpol tracked this suspect following an arrest warrant sought by the Pakistani authorities,” Major General Apichart Suriboonya told AFP. “He will be repatriated as soon as Pakistan is ready,” he added.
                        Apichart said Rehman was suspected of being part of a criminal gang that was extorting the owners of a Karachi garment factory.
                        The gang burned down the factory when the owners refused to pay seven million baht ($200,000), he said. The fire at the Ali Enterprises factory in September 2012 was one of Pakistan’s worst industrial disasters.
                        A judicial probe into the blaze was damning, pointing to a lack of emergency exits, poor safety training for workers, the packing in of machinery and the failure of government inspectors to spot any of these faults.
                        Attitude is more important than facts.
                        "Life is 10% what happens to us..and 90% of how we react to it"


                          FINALLY, some justice atleast although not to the fullest.

                          After 8 years, ATC announces death sentence for Rehman Bhola & Zubair Chriya. MQM leader Rauf Siddiqui & Mustafa kamal's right hand Hammad Siddiqui who ordered to burn factory acquitted due to lack of evidence.


                          ATC hands death sentence to two MQM workers in Baldia factory fire case; Rauf Siddiqui acquitted

                          An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Karachi on Tuesday sentenced two MQM workers, Zubair aka Charya and Abdul Rehman aka Bhola, to death in the high-profile Baldia factory arson case — eight years after the blaze claimed hundreds of lives.

                          The court acquitted MQM leader Rauf Siddiqui, then-provincial minister for commerce and industries and three others — Iqbal Adeel Khanum, Umar Hassan and Dr Abdul Sattar Khan.

                          The factory's four gatekeepers — Shahrukh, Fazal Ahmed, Arshad Mehmood and Ali Mohammad — were convicted for facilitation and sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for life on each count along with a fine of Rs0.2 million.

                          ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER AD

                          In the 146-page detailed verdict, the court also convicted Bhola and Charya on multiple other counts including their participation in the offence for which they were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for life with a fine of Rs0.2 million each. The court also convicted them for attempting qatl-i-amd and causing injuries to 60 persons and sentenced them to rigorous imprisonment for ten years on each count along with a fine of Rs0.1 million each.

                          According to the verdict, the sentences would run concurrently and the convicts were entitled to Section 382-B (period of detention to be considered while awarding sentence of imprisonment) of the Code of Criminal Procedure Code.

                          "The accused namely Abdul Rehman (Bhola) and Zubair (Charya) are produced in custody, they are remanded back to superintendent, Central Prision, Karachi along with a conviction warrant to serve out the sentences now awarded to them."

                          Meanwhile, the court said that the factory's four gatekeepers would be taken into custody and remanded to Central Prison, Karachi, superintendent along with a conviction warrant to serve out their sentences.
                          'MQM-P has nothing to do with case'

                          MQM-Pakistan leader Faisal Subzwari in a tweet quoted a spokesperson for his party as saying that the acquittal of Rauf Siddiqui, a member of Rabita Committee, in the case "proves that MQM-Pakistan has nothing to do with this case".

                          The spokesperson expressed sympathies with the victims and their relatives for having to wait eight years for the verdict and expressed the hope that the country's higher courts will ensure complete justice for them.

                          "[We] make it clear that patronage of any anti-social and law-breaking elements neither was nor will ever be a policy of MQM-Pakistan," the spokesperson added, according to Subzwari.

                          Addressing a press conference shortly after the verdict was announced, MQM leader Rauf Siddiqui said that he had resigned from his post when the incident occurred. "People don't let go of a cleaner's job [but] I had resigned from my post."

                          He added that he was thankful for the decision announced by the court. "To this day, I can still hear the screams of the victim's families."

                          He said that he was unable to forgot the night of the incident, which would come to his mind every time he had to appear in court.
                          8 years on

                          Women walk along a road with the abandoned building of the Baldia garment factory where the deadly fire occurred in the background, in Karachi, Sept 17, 2020. — Reuters

                          Over 260 workers, including 16 who have yet to be identified, were burnt alive when the multi-storey Ali Enterprises garment factory was set on fire in Baldia Town on September 11, 2012 in what became the deadliest industrial blaze in Pakistan's history.

                          Ten accused — including Siddiqui; MQM’s then-Baldia Town sector in-charge Rehman; Zubair; Hyderabad-based businessmen Dr Khan; Umar Hasan Qadri; Khanum and the industrial unit’s four gatekeepers — were charged with setting ablaze the factory.

                          Analyse: 8 years on, have we learnt anything from the Baldia fire which claimed more than 260 lives?

                          According to a joint investigation team report made public in July, the fire was not an accident rather a “planned sabotage/ terror activity” carried out over non-payment of Rs200 million extortion and partnership in factory profits.

                          The report held the then head of MQM’s Karachi Tanzeemi Committee Hammad Siddiqui and Rehman Bhola responsible for the incident. The JIT was critical of the initial police investigation into the case and observed that the police dealt it in an unprofessional manner and in a way to benefit “the offenders” instead of the victims for some “motives and gains”. It said the “fear and favour” were dominating factors in initial investigation, which affected the police performance “length and breadth”.

                          The JIT recommended a fresh FIR under terror charges against eight accused including Hammad Siddiqui.
                          400 witnesses testify

                          The prosecution rested its case after recording material evidence, including forensic, ballistic and chemical analysis reports and testimonies of 400 witnesses against the accused. The prosecution gave up 369 witnesses for being "unnecessary".

                          According to prosecutor Sajid Mehboob Shaikh, a total of 264 people perished in the fire that engulfed the multi-storey building of the readymade garments manufacturing unit. The number included bodies of 17 people who were charred beyond recognition.

                          All the accused had denied the allegations levelled by the prosecution.

                          The special public prosecutor, representing the Sindh Rangers in the Baldia factory fire case, had told the court during a hearing in February that MQM leaders had pressured police to halt investigations into the incident a week after the deadly inferno.

                          It was unearthed within a week that the Baldia factory fire was a deliberate act of arson instead of an accident, but the police high-ups changed the first investigating officer allegedly under pressure from the MQM, special public prosecutor Sajid Mehboob Shaikh had informed the ATC.

                          Prosecutor Shaikh referred to the testimonies of around 370 prosecution witnesses, including the first investigation officer of the case, Inspector Zafar Iqbal, and said the police's initial stance that an electric short-circuit had caused the fire in the factory was wrong.

                          The IO had testified that the investigation was withdrawn from him by the police high-ups due to alleged pressure from the leadership of the MQM, the prosecutor added.

                          Attitude is more important than facts.
                          "Life is 10% what happens to us..and 90% of how we react to it"


                            killers are still enjoying , two of them are federal ministers