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MQM and it's followers

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    MQM and it's followers

    I don't get how you can follow a party that orders your sons, brothers, and sometimes even your wives, to go around looting to enrich the party, and killing.

    I mean this khabees (and if he reads this, go ahead, buddy, send goons to kill me, it's ok) has followers, it's because people are choosing to follow him. And if these families CHOOSE to follow him, their men get involved in ultay seedhay kaam.

    Instead, why don't people just try on their OWN volition, to be good people? The more and more I read about what's going on in Pakistan, the more I think the Pakistani people with their own corruption have done this to themselves.
    I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.

    Re: MQM and it's followers

    Whether MQM asks their members to loot or not can't be said with surety, but the society lost distinction between Halal o Haram. By hook or crook, majority wants to avail worldy facilities. Its overall trauma /greed / loss of values (whatever you call it) of the society and MQM (if it asks for so) is not an alien.
    We should care for each other more than we care for ideas, or else we will end up killing each other.