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    Way Forward?

    We are happy to witness our Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent successful visit of Pakistan. This should serve as a symbol of our commitment to improving our bi-lateral relations and acknowledging the significance of Pakistan’s role in regional stability. Secretary Kerry met with various leaders of Pakistan, including Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif, who demonstrated the use of a USAID funded project, “smart meters”, that allows for more efficient and cost-effective electricity distribution to millions of people. He also had the chance to celebrate the initiation of a project linking prestigious U.S. and Pakistani Universities with the aim to strengthen relations and decrease the gap of understanding between our two countries. As Secretary Kerry has said, “I want to emphasize the relationship is not defined simply by the threats that we face. It is not only a relationship about combating terrorism. It is about supporting the people of Pakistan and particularly helping at this critical moment for Pakistan’s economic revival. That has been a centerpiece of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s campaign, it is a centerpiece of his governing efforts, and it will be a centerpiece of our relationship.”

    Haroon Ahmad
    DET – U.S. Central Command

    Re: Way Forward?

    I appreciate your country's efforts to win the hearts and minds of Pakistani people. But the path you have chosen to accomplish it is not going to work. There is just too much animosity against Americans in Pakistan. You need to see where it is coming from. Unless you realize the source, the efforts to gain trust of Pakistanis will not succeed.
    Look at what people are constantly hearing everyday on electronic and print media. That message is very strong. Strong enough to blunt your little efforts here.
    kahoon kis se mein ye ja kar, meri qaum e bad-guloo ne
    mujhe qatl kar diya he, ba-gunah e khush nawaai
    - Josh