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14 FC personnel killed in Balochistan

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    14 FC personnel killed in Balochistan

    QUETTA: At least 14 soldiers, including a major of the Frontier Corps, were killed when militants armed with sophisticated weapons attacked their convoy near a coalfield in Musa Khel, on Sunday night.

    The banned Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for the attack. The incident took place near Bahlol Basti and Kingari in Musa Khel district where a coalmine project was inaugurated by Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani recently.
    A BLA spokesman, who identified himself as Azad Baloch, has claimed that 40 FC personnel and one attacker were killed in the clash. Calling from an unspecified location, he warned that attacks would continue in the future.

    A unit of the paramilitary FC was sent for providing security cover for the project. Armed men opened fire on the FC convoy a few kilometres from Bahlol Basti, a FC spokesperson said in a statement. Loralai Scouts were responsible for the project’s security, but the FC was sent on the request of residents to provide additional security for the project, he said. The FC was sent for maintenance of peace and order when it was attacked by hostile elements, reads the statement.
    There were other incidents of assault by militants. According to sources, FC personnel were engaged in setting up a checkpost near Kingari and Bahal when scores of militants laid siege and opened indiscriminate firing on FC troops. Militants fired 30 rockets on FC checkposts in Kohlu, according to the FC spokesperson. Assailants also opened fire on other checkposts and fled from the scene after retaliatory firing by FC personnel. No casualty was reported in either attack, he said.

    The FC termed the attacks acts of ‘cowardice’ and said the soldiers’ sacrifice would not go in vain. “Terrorists will be brought to book and will not be allowed to fulfill their nefarious designs.”
    According to sources, security forces have mounted a massive manhunt in the area after the attacks. Banned Baloch militant groups, struggling for complete liberation of Balochistan, often target security forces, police and economic installations in the province.

    The deceased army major was identified as Muhammad Amir Shahzad. The slain personnel include Subedar Dawood, Hawaldar Ghafoor, Lance Naik Makram, Sepoy Muhammad Taufiq, Mira Jan, Ghulam, Sarwar, Mubullah, Zubair Ahmed, Abdul Nabi and Muhammad Asif.

    for how long this will continue! ??? this stupid war on terror, bugtis murder and the 2009 baloch nationalists killings made things alot more worse!had they not sidelined/ignored balochistan province for so long! things wouldnt hav come to this point!!
    from where these miltant groups are getting support? why dont they find out, get the evidence ...
    is the govt and army sleepin?are they waiting for the day whn God Forbids balochistan becomes a independant country
    and let the enemies of Pakistan win?? ... noway!!! these coward attacks should not deter us ... Our resolve to fight terrorists only grows stronger..

    My condolences to the shaheeds families!

    Re: 14 FC personnel killed in Balochistan

    oh im sorry mods i should hav posted this in Balochistan thread!
    my bad


      Re: 14 FC personnel killed in Balochistan

      Just for an update, today they attacked a convoy of chinese engineers in Sui and killed 5 people.
      These terrorist Baloch groups will continue to work and create instability in Pakistan until the following is done:

      1) India taught a lesson, arguably by reciprocating with naxalites what they have been doing with Baloch terrorists

      2) Common people in other parts of Pakistan understand that a majority of Baloch people do NOT support neither like these terrorist Balochs organizations and the fact that almost 50% of the population of Balochistan comprises of Pushtuns who would rather die than be exploited by the Baloch terror groups. That urdu-speaking and punjabis form almost 30% of the population of Balochistan. And the fact that supporting development in Balochistan is different from supporting baloch terrorist groups killing people. Most people around Pakistan have no idea about whats going on in Balochsitan and seem pretty dumb when they support the terrorist Baloch groups killing people.

      3) That military establishment should continue to crush the head of the snake. The head of the snake comprises of a handful of indian commandoes currently in Balochistan and Afghanistan providing training and weapons to Baloch terrorist groupd, as well as anti-pakistan and anti-muslim traitor baloch sardars like Bramdagh and Khair Buskh Murri. If pakistan does not crush these terrorist groups with an iron fist now, Balochistan will be in a deep mess.


        Re: 14 FC personnel killed in Balochistan

        ^^^ what are you??? stupid or something??? On one hand you are supporting Maoists in India and on the other hand you are talking of killing Balochis....Maoists and Balochis are fighting for a common cause..

        Either you condemn both Maoists and Balochis at the same time or you support both movements....

        You cannot support one and condemn one at the same time...if you do that you are being a man and a woman at the same time..


          Re: 14 FC personnel killed in Balochistan

          ^ kid, please go have the bottle of milk and sleep like a good boy on time......leave adult matters to adults.


            Re: 14 FC personnel killed in Balochistan

            ^^Ok Mr Adult. We innocent kids leave adult matters like Munafiqat to adults like you....coz being a Munafiq is an adult thing!