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Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

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    Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

    2 brave policemen laid their lives in the line of duty and embrace shahadat!
    My Condolences to their families!

    this bomb blast is quite alarming!! it seems like these savages are on something big!

    KARACHI: A suspected suicide blast killed two police officers and three suspected terrorists at a secluded spot near the Salt and Pepper Village restaurant at the Sea View boardwalk in Karachi.
    SP Tariq Dharejo said three people riding a white Suzuki Bolan were intercepted by a police party near an under-construction park next to the sea wall at devil’s point for checking when the car’s occupants blew themselves up. The two policemen who intercepted the vehicle were killed by the blast.

    One of the officers, Maula Bukhsh died on the spot, while the second officer, Mumraiz Iqbal (initially identified as Safeer) had later succumbed to his injuries at the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center.
    Express 24/7 correspondent Sabin Agha reported that following the powerful blast large contingents of police and Rangers rushed to the spot where they discovered the remains of the bombers and the vehicle strewn around. They also reportedly found another jacket intact on one of the occupants of the car.
    Fearing that the jacket may have explosives, police proceeded to cordon off the area and sent for the bomb squad.

    Dharejo added that “one man was wearing a jacket with a magazine indicating that he was a terrorist”. Hoewever the identities of his fellow occupants was unclear.
    Sindh Home Minister Manzoor Wassan confirmed the casualty list that three people in the car and one police officer was killed in the blast while one officer was injured.
    Paying tribute to the dead officer identified him as Maula Bukhsh, while the injured officer was identified as Safeer.

    The Minister also announced compensation of Rs2 million and a job in police for the martyred officer’s son while Rs0.5 million and job in police for his son for the injured officer.
    Wasan related the bombers to the threats they had been receiving with respect to upcoming Muharram events.

    DIG South, Commander Shaukat Ali Shah said that they had found body parts which indicated the possible presence of a fourth bomber in the car when it blew up.
    He added that lack of light was hampering investigations though they had called for flood lights to be set up.
    Responding to reports that one of the attackers was a woman, he said that a wig had been found at the site indicating that one of the terrorists may have been wearing a disguise.
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    Re: Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

    Three of them died outside the hi -roof ,and two attackers died inside the vehicle as four legs were found inside the Suzuki Bolan.
    Both the injured policemen also expired . Vehicle was registered at Hyderabad.


      Re: Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

      I so despise the SOBs who call these terrorist pigs Mujahids..
      You know, My friends, with what a brave carouse I made a second Marriage in my house;
      Favored old barren Reason from my bed, and took the daughter of the vine to spouse.
      Omar Khayyam


        Re: Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

        Great work by our front-line soldiers, no amount of reward can justify their service to the nation but this is a good gesture by the govt ( i hope they keep their words ). Long Live Pakistan and damn to enemies of Pakistan.
        For Religion, we'll fight, kill & die but will never follow it, where's the fun in that!


          Re: Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

          District South DIG Commandant Shaukat Ali Shah told The Express Tribune that the crime scene suggested that at least four terrorists were killed in an explosion. He said that the suicide jacket worn by one of the terrorists may have exploded by mistake destroying the car in which they were travelling. It appears that the terrorists used the same type of suicide jackets that the terrorists involved in the PNS Mehran base attack used, he said.
          The DIG said one could not say for sure what exactly was the target of the attackers since the DHA houses a number of high security zones, including consulates.

          Remains unclear under what circumstances the heavily armed terrorists decided to blow themselves up.


            Re: Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

            Even the metropolises are not safe from the insane rage of these terrorists. Our condolences go to the families of the two police officers who died while foiling an attack on innocent civilians in Karachi. Four terrorists were killed! We are glad that the vigilance of the two police officers saved many innocents. We sometimes fail to realize that one terrorist attack may kill a few, but it affects many that are left behind mourning the dead. They are scarred forever.

            What could be the purpose of attacks on civilians, if not to create mayhem and weaken the state? They are the real enemy of the people. Their tactics of fear and intimidation will not stop. Today, I again ask those who have an iota of support for these enemies of peace to think again and put themselves in the shoes of the family members of those two police officers. It is important to be vigilant and go after these terrorists. They are not only operating in some remote mountain village anymore, but are now openly attacking Pakistan’s economic hub. The sooner they are stopped and eliminated, the sooner peace and prosperity will return for all.

            Maj David Nevers
            DET-United States Central Command


              Re: Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen


                Re: Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

                There is no complete story. This is against all previous methods. vehicle was personally got from a rent a car of Orangi Town . Not close to a big terror plot.
                Karachi blast: identity of two terrorists ascertained


                  Re: Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

                  Looks like they were planning to destroy the urs of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, which is scheduled to start soon ... or has already started.
                  kahoon kis se mein ye ja kar, meri qaum e bad-guloo ne
                  mujhe qatl kar diya he, ba-gunah e khush nawaai
                  - Josh


                    Re: Blast on Sea View Karachi kills two policemen

                    HYDERABAD/KARACHI: The police have identified two of the five suspected terrorists from the Sea View bomb blast as Karachi residents Shoibur Rehman and Attiqur Rehman.
                    According to CID official SP Mazhar Mashwani, they were aged between 22 and 25 years.

                    and u r right Khoji .. they wanted to target Abdullah Shah Ghazi mazar!

                    in other news i read today! a bomber blew himself near gulistan-e-johar!
                    there was this search operation going on! ... sources are saying he was non Pakistani!
                    KARACHI: An alleged suicide bomber exploded himself during the Rangers search operation in Gulistan e Jauhar block 13 on Friday.

                    According to the sources, the bomb was suicidal and alleged suicide bomber blew himself up when Rangers besieged the area.

                    Sources said that the bomber was a foreigner and had hired a flat on rent. Four kids of bomber were also found from the site of the incident. Interrogation has been kicked off.

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                    May Allah swt keep my city in his Amaan! Stay Safe Karachiites