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Cooperation is the key between India and Pakistan

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    Cooperation is the key between India and Pakistan

    Coorperation between India and Pakistan is the key. Yesterday Steve Cohen on CSPAN said that only INDIA is the country that can help Pakistan come out of this mess. Check out his writings and videos on "Brookings Institute" website.

    I hope all the improvements in relations made in the last two year are gone and we are back to zero.
    Cooperation is the key

    SOLIDARITY on any issue is a rare phenomenon in Pakistan’s political circles. So the unanimous support the government and the armed forces received from parties of all shades on Tuesday on the issue of national security following the reprehensible happenings in Mumbai was a departure from the past. Notwithstanding initial reservations about how Pakistan reacted to the crisis, this unified posture should bolster the government’s position as it seeks to defuse tensions with India. There is hope of this being achieved as New Delhi, after directly holding Pakistan responsible for the attack, is now prepared to take a more level-headed view.

    DAWN - Editorial; December 04, 2008

    Although India’s foreign minister, Pranab Mukherjee, warned that the peace process could be harmed if Pakistan did not act decisively, he ruled out military action. Considering the pressure on New Delhi to compensate for apparent intelligence lapses by leaving no stone unturned to punish the perpetrators, this must have been a difficult decision — especially when state polls are being held in India and a general election is scheduled for next year.

    However, it is also time for a few home truths for India. The biggest confidence-building measure in the subcontinent will be a move towards the resolution of the Kashmir issue which would deprive the lunatic fringe of most of its oxygen. In this, Pakistan has already taken the lead. The government — including the previous one under Gen Musharraf — has given up age-old defiant postures and extended a hand of cooperation across the border. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the case of foreign fighters, believed justifiably to be a creation of Pakistan’s intelligence services, who were conspicuous by their absence during the recent uprising in the Valley. With Islamabad willing, there is no reason why India should not take advantage of the little-used joint anti-terror mechanism set up some time ago to help itself and Pakistan weed out dangerous, non-state actors. It would be disastrous to make the peace process a casualty of this latest terror attack.

    Finally, just as New Delhi needs to accept that there could be a link between militancy and the socio-economic conditions of minorities in India, there should be no memory lapses on Islamabad’s part when it protests against being a prime suspect each time there is a terrorist attack. With many militants, such as those in the 7/7 London attacks, having links to Pakistan, and some of the 9/11 suspects having used its soil for transit, pressure is bound to mount on Islamabad from all sides. This should propel it to ‘do more’ to combat Islamists who are responsible for death and destruction in the country, the region and beyond. Pakistan will continue to draw criticism — and more — from the global community unless it cracks down.