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Pak and India both needs review

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    Pak and India both needs review

    India and Pakistan need to have a review of their role in the region and internationally.

    India is a great democracy and a big country in the region.
    Some Indian fellows here are completely denying of having internal troubles. There are great deal of hindu terrorism like VHP, BajrangDal and RSS that have ruined the spirit of democracy, tolerance. Babri Masjid, Gujrat Massacare and recent bombings of Samjhota Express and three mosques in Dehli, Hydrabad and Mumbai are open evidence how serious this problem is.

    Its not different than what Zia Ul Haq did to Pakistan, by creating CIA funded Madarrasa network to provide young blood to the face off with Russia. That dictator sold Pakistan to cold war ambitions of Regan administration for few F16 and $$. Pakistan is suffering and still paying for it.

    These Ram Raj dreamers in India are no different than the fanatic Talibans dreaming of taking over Pakistan. At the end both countries will suffer from this new wave of terrorism on both sides of border. Pakistan's future already looks bleak if this FATA crises is not over soon. Some fools in India doing the exact same thing to their country. I say someone outside sub-continent will benefit because of this unrest and uncertainity.

    Please don't drag it into mud. Only serious discussion.
    charah saazon se alag hai mayar mera kay main
    zakham khaaonga tou kuch aur nikhar jaaonga