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The Performance Of The Indian Government

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    The Performance Of The Indian Government

    I watched this drama all night on eight different satellite news channels and noticed how pathetic and incompetent Indian government and security really is.

    There is a total chaos in this city, Mumbai, and even the media doesn't know what to tell the people. One minute they say, ‘they are all Pakistanis’, and then go, ‘Oh no! Wait, they are “Deccan Mujahedeen”’ and then say, ‘Wait! It’s too early to say …’!

    Another bull**** you see is that the Taj Hotel perhaps has 1000+ rooms and is so huge surrounded by commandos and all security forces and yet 4 to 5 terrorists continue to hold it for so long.

    No mater how super these men might be, 4-5 people simply can not hold such a huge building hostage. So WHAT IS THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT HIDING?

    If the Indians admit that there are several dozen perhaps even hundreds of people involved in this then it would be very hard to sell this lie that these are terrorists and spy agents who came from Pakistan.

    I did not see a single helicopter in the air or any attempt by the Indian security forces to go on the roof and/or surround the hotel. Are they scared or is it that India simply does not have an air force?

    Indian commandos arrived. These commandos were disembarking from trucks, holding truck railings at the back and then jumping out, almost like old crumbled men. I saw few of them standing on one hip holding their hands, ome of them hiding behind blockades.

    So this was the level of Indian security and military response. Now about some other observations:


    Apparently foreigners and Jews have been taken hostage but this was not admit publicly to the media until 23 hours later. Why would suicide bombers and terrorists hold hostages? Why not simply finish them off if they have really come to die?

    India’s Mumbai is well known to be owned by the underworld, known in India as ‘bhai loag’ [roughly translated Brother People]. These terrorists are so good they managed to kill so many including top Anti-Terrorism Force official who happened to be an officer of RAW, the Indian intelligence agency.

    But the Indians are stupid. Instead of admitting their failure to control these gangs of smugglers and thugs they are blaming their usual and favorite scapegoats, A.K.A. Islamic Militants and Pakistan.

    The fact will be established eventually that there already appears to be a much deeper conspiracy in all this tragic event.

    But the Indian media is playing exactly the same role as the U.S. media did in 2001. Some Indian channels have begun showing the Indian flag and patriotic songs, all of which makes it look like as if this is yet another ‘well anticipated’ war against terror.

    Which in fact may turn into a war against Pakistan at its height or war against Muslims in India at the least.

    For how long will the world continue to fall in this trap?

    There are several gains Indian will get from this act:

    1- Election of Radical Hindu Nationalist Party
    2- Passage of an Indian version of Patriot Act (against Muslims)
    3- A Possible Indian attack on Pakistan [although the Indians don’t have the guts to go that far]
    4- Possibility of Indian lobby forcing United States to put sanctions on Pakistan by fabricating false evidence involving Pakistanis in this.

    Which is really easy for India. They can come up with a few Pakistanis from Indian jails, handing them weapons and produce dead bodies of Pakistanis from these places

    Re: The Performance Of The Indian Government

    Imran sahib, keep your hands light (haath hola rakho), things happen, everybody was in panic its not like they were dealing with charsi/mawali type thieves. Remember in US when 9/11 happened the first "estimates" were of about 10,000+ deaths? Final number came out much lower like ~2300? This is "in the heat of moment", its not cooled off yet. All estimates guesses change.

    When did India not blame it on Pakistan? Old habits die hard, it shouldn't come as surprise that Pakistan gets to be blamed at first sight of smoke.