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    syed ahmad shaheed

    Syed ahmad shaheed was not afghan by himself but had made great impact on afghan history during early 19th century. He came to present N.W.F.P for following purposes.

    1- To establish an islamic state comprising of Afghan areas borderin punjab.
    2- To bring reforms in pashtuns and stop them from following traditions not related to islam.
    3- To free the muslims of punjab from clunches of sikhs.

    He knew that afghans of these areas are very enthusiastic muslims and had great respect for muslim clerics like him. He also knew about their marshal qualities. So he came to peshawar with band of his indian followers for above mentioned purposes. He arrived at nowshera and sent message to the ruler of punjab, Ranjeet singh to accept islam. Ranjeet singh refused and instead sent an army under hari singh and badi singh to crush syed ahmad forces. Syed ahmad was successful in defeating sikh forces at akora khattak. He also defeated sikh forces again in 1827 at hazro. This increased syed's power and popularity. He established an islamic state in this region and declared himself Amir-ul-momineen. His name was being said in juma's khutbaas.

    Thus his first task was completed to establish an islamic state with himself being ruler. He implement islamic shariya here and appoint Qazis and aamils from his indian followers..

    He achieved all these because of local support who were brave and warrior people but were dis-united. Syed ahmad shaheed united the under banner of islam and defeat the haevy forces of sikhs.
    With the time syed ahmad fate started to be doomed. Following are the reasons for his downfall.

    1- Two sardars of peshawar, yar mohammed khan and sultan mohammed khanrose against him, in a battle these 2 bothers fought against syed but got defeated, yar mohammed khan was killed while sultan mohammed khan was captured by mujaheedeens. Sultan mohammad khan apolagizd, syed granted him apology and appoint him sardar of peshawr again. this was syed mistake as sultan m khan later took revenge of his bother death and killed 150 aamils of syed in one day.

    2-Most of syed's mujahideens were young and unmarried. they wanted to have local pashtuns wives.Syed himself wanted to marry the daughter of yar mohammed khan, chief of peshawar. Afghans of that time used not to give their girls to indic people. Syed pressurized locals to give their women to him and his indian mujahideens. this greatly infuriated locals.

    3-SYed ahmad shaheed was impreesed from wahabi movement and tried to eliminate pashtun traditions which were not related to islam. he tried to eliminate pakhtunwali and jirga system from pashtuns. This brought negative results and afghans turned against him.

    Without local support his power became zero. in 1831 he martyred in balakot fighting sikhs.

    Syed ahmad shaheed wsa no doubt a great leader who tried to awaken the spirit of jihad in muslims of india. But he commited some blunders which cost him..In NWFP he failed to deal properly with local afghans. He considered pashtunwali as non islamic thing according to his wahabi thoughts and tried to terminate it. But he failed to pick that it is like a religion to pashtuns.. there was no need to nullify the power of tribal chiefs and jirga. infact there was no need to bring reforms among pashtuns at that time. If he ever had taken pashtuns in confidence, he would have captured whole punjab from sikhs just with a help of a tribe, yousafzai.

    He demand wives for his bachalor mujahideens from afghans. When afghans refused , syed should have dropped his demand but he wanted to eliminate this "unislamic habit" from pashtuns of not giving their women to indic people. for this he pressurized them which yield negative results. He himself demand daughter of Yar mohammad khan, sardar mohammad khan, chieftain of peshawar.The result war beyond expectation, yar mohammad khan turned against him.

    Although it was some what racist attitude of pashtuns by not not marrying their women to indian mujahideens, but it was their personnal matter. syed ahmad should have sense not to press the matter when they refused. And what was problem with indian mujahideens, why were they so hungry for yousafzai girls?

    Text books of pakistan studies are regarding local afghans as traitors to syed ahmad shaheed , did conspiracies agianst syed and were with sikhs. this rubbish nonsence is present in text books of pakistan.