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Saddam Hussain's letter to The American People

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    Saddam Hussain's letter to The American People

    Two years ago this month Saddam Hussein was convicted of charges related to the executions of 148 Iraqi Shi'ites suspected of planning an assassination attempt against him, and was sentenced to death by hanging.

    He was executed 2 years ago next month. He wrote a letter to the American people just weeks before his conviction and execution. The letter was collected by one of Saddam's attorney's Ramsey Clark, who in fact asked him to write the letter. It has not been widely published so as a matter of interest on the eve of the second anniversary of his execution we publish the letter in full as follows:

    "To the American people:

    Peace upon those who believe in peace and desire it, and the mercy of God and His blessings.

    I address you in this letter from the place of my confinement, as my attempt on the basis of my moral, human, and constitutional responsibility so that no one among you might say that no one came to us with a message of peace after the war began, refuting the arguments for it and desiring peace for you and for our upright, loyal, heroic people. And as I say this, I do no know whether my brothers and comrades who are leading the Resistance outside the prison have come to you with a letter before or not. That is because the "democracy" of your leaders has prevented me since my arrest and until now from getting newspapers and magazines or hearing radio and television and has isolated me from the world and has isolated the world from me so that I might not hear or see anything from outside my place of confinement.

    Is this the true face of democracy and human rights that they advocate outside America!? Or have your rulers lied about it? This includes the killing of people in prisons and jails, some of them by means of the pistols of the American investigators. Or has all of this along with other details that would turn an attentive person’s hair white been concealed from you by your officials such that you do not know the truth!?

    Anyway, I address you with this letter of mine in the hope that it will reach you and that you will hear it or read it. And on the basis of my responsibility to bring the facts before people, whatever their color or nationality, for that is our duty to them, just as they have a duty to us not to accept evil.

    I address you today as my attorney the eminent lawyer and Professor Ramsey Clark has asked that I write this letter of mine to you. Professor Ramsey has presented an excellent example of a humanitarian in his person and in his colleague Professor Curtis Dobler, both of whom left a positive personal impression on me. On this occasion I wish to salute their courage as they have volunteered for the task although they know the dangers that surround them in carrying out their duty, in particular after criminals have killed four of the defense attorneys.

    People of America, it still seems to me that the officials in your government are still lying to you and are not giving you true explanations of the reasons that led them to embark on their aggression against Iraq. In what they have said about the reasons they have deceived, from the starting point, not only the international community, and in particular the European Community but also the peoples of America themselves, knowing beforehand that the facts were contrary to what they were declaring. Untrue is what they said, after their lies were exposed, about having been deceived by their intelligence agencies and by the stooges that they brought along to serve as their puppets in Iraq, just as old imperialism and the old empires of the 19th and 20th centuries used to do. What we are saying is based on many facts, the major ones being as follows:

    (parts skipped...please visit link to read more)

    It is your historical responsibility, esteemed ladies and gentlemen. If you reform, you could save what remains of the standing and reputation of America and its legitimate interests. If you do nothing, you will be keeping silent over something evil. "God grant us patient perseverance and let us die as Muslims." [Qur’an, 7:126]

    People of America, the wars that your government promotes in the world – one of them being the war in Iraq – with input from certain centers of power – which you know better than we – are not in the interests of the American people. You know better than many how you paid in blood so that you might liberate yourselves from British colonialism and after that how the United States of America was unified and what rivers of blood were shed in order for that to come about. So, esteemed ladies and gentlemen, how do you accept this interference that abases America before it abases Iraq? How can you accept not only the invasion but becoming mired in the internal affairs of Iraq? You know that Iraq is a land of prophets, messengers, and righteous figures. You know that Baghdad is the fourth holiest city in the Arab homeland – after Mecca, al-Madinah, and Jerusalem – in the sight of all of the Islamic world and all of our Arab Nation. How can one imagine that Iraq could reconcile itself to colonial rule, even if it comes, this time, under another name and with other slogans? Save your country, esteemed ladies and gentlemen, and leave Iraq.


    God is greatest. God is greatest.


    Saddam Hussein,
    President of the Republic of Iraq and Commander in Chief of the Mujahid Armed Forces.

    7 July 2006."

    [Entire letter not posted. Please visit the link to read more.]
    A letter to the U.S. from Saddam Hussein

    What do u think? I'm in agreement with the bolded part. The American public has been hijacked by its own Govt. time and again, all in the name of democracy when infact all US achieved is bloodshed and dissent.
    Boycott Indian economy. Buy Pakistani!

    Saddam was almost as a big threat to muslims then India and Saudia. Its a good thing he suffered and is dead.
    make this go away


      Re: Saddam Hussain's letter to The American People

      I don't think we should read too much into dead dictator's letter. He was a murderous thug & he got what he deserved.
      All people are equal, but some are more equal than others. We call these "corporations."


        Re: Saddam Hussain's letter to The American People

        Ironic how he brings in religious sentiment when he himself was responsible for the persecution of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq.
        Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.