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A Good News for Pakistan

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    A Good News for Pakistan

    You see nepotism everywhere at the cost of National interest. Salman Farooqi, the most corrupt guy is appointed as Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, the most high financial body of pakistan for approval of billions of planning works like dams etc. Salman Farooqi a famous notorious was convicted by a court in Steel Mills fraud case and diamond neclaces case back in 1997 . PIA, Railway,IB, corporations, banks, SUI gas, LDA, CDA, WAPDA everywhere Zardari is appointing his loyals Jiyalas who are nothing but hud haram , sifarshi, waili bai kai khaan walai , highly in efficient,and corrupt. Supreme Court is nowhere to be seen. Parlimentarians keep on shouting stop the US aerial attacks, reinstate the judges, look for recession, boiling temperament of the pople across nation...but Zardari and Co. busy making interviews with sweet smile to CBS anchor saying , If they attack , they do it with some reason behind it. Such shameless , tharki randwai are by passing parliment and making thier money . Few days ago, the same man pressurized dr. Atta to leave HEC although this man has sent Pakistan 6000+ Doctoral students abroad. Hope Zardari will listen to What the Parliment is saying !

    ISLAMABAD: Retain Atta as HEC chief: Senate Body
    By Khawar Ghumman

    ISLAMABAD: Nov 20: A Senate body unanimously has called for retention of Chairperson Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr Atta-ur-Rehman on his job, who has resigned but his resignation has not been accepted yet.

    Dr Atta’s resignation came under scrutiny at a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Education held here on Thursday.The meeting was chaired by Senator Ms Razina Alam Khan. The members of the committee believed he had been instrumental to bring the higher education sector of the country to a competitive level.The committee also asked the government to immediately release funds earmarked for the HEC. The commission is facing serious financial crisis because the government had imposed deep-cuts on its budgetary allocations.Commenting on the reports that the education ministry had suggested taking the HEC under its administrative and financial control, the committee members were of the view that the HEC should remain as an autonomous organisation.

    The meeting paused for a while when Ms Khan posed a surprise question to Executive Director HEC Dr Suhail Naqvi that whether Dr Atta was forced to leave his office or he voluntarily resigned. Dr Naqvi and his team only responded through their meaningful smiles.

    However, a couple of senators murmured that the government had forced him to resign in an unceremonail manner.According to knowledgeable sources, Dr Atta was asked by the government to leave the position and he resigned on October 9 and left the office after bidding farewell to his colleagues the following day.Since then, the seat is laying vacant and the government is yet to make the new appointment. Under the law, the prime minister is the appointing authority of the HEC chief.When inquired by the committee members, Dr Naqvi clarified that Dr Atta was still holding the office of the chairperson of the HEC as, he said, the government was yet to notify his resignation.

    Applauding the services of Dr Atta, Senator Dr Muhammad Said said the government should have allowed him to continue and complete his remaining two years of service. Criticising the successive federal education ministers and their performances, he observed that Dr Atta was a rare hope who had done “a lot for the education sector”.

    Even if the government is interested in bringing some one of its own choice as new HEC chairperson, it should strictly follow the criterion laid down in the HEC’s ordinance for the next appointment, he said.According to the ordinance under which the HEC was set up back in 2002 by the then president Pervez Musharraf, the controlling authority (prime minister or chief executive of the country) can appoint any person of “international eminence and proven ability who has made significant contribution to the higher education as teacher, researcher or administrator on such terms and conditions as it may determine”.

    The chairperson shall have the status of a federal minister, says the ordinance.However, Senator Prof Muhammad Ibarahim Khan questioned the appointment criterion as, he said, it gave tremendous powers to the prime minister in choosing someone for this post.He called for a “search committee” which should be entrusted with the job to select new HEC chairperson and warned against political appointments made by the government on such critical positions.

    During a presentation, Dr Naqvi informed the committee members that at present the government was spending less than two per cent of GDP - 1.9 per cent - on education sector, whereas, he said, according to international standards four per cent of the GDP was the minimum which a government should spend on education.Dispelling the impression that government is spending money on higher education at the expense of school and college education, he said during the last year out of Rs253 billion spent on education throughout the country, only Rs33 billion was given to the higher education sector.
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    Re: A Good News for Pakistan

    Agay agay daikhiyay hota hai kiya.................


      Re: A Good News for Pakistan

      Good news?
      The art of entering into Nothingness.


        Looks like, instead of serious people honest to Pakistan, indians and Pakistan's traitors surf these forums to read all the opinions, suggestions, good advice, the Pakistani posters write here. As these recent incidents which have happened in the last one year or so are just the opposite of those good and sensible suggestions made by some educated Pakistanis here in the recent past.

        As per my knowledge alone:

        1. All the the posters here without exception suggested that ghaddari should not be even the last choice for the position of president. What we saw happening was exactly that. No Pakistani to decide otherwise for Pakistan.

        2. Many good posters here suggested that making education common all over Pakistan is the most important necessaity and must be a high priority of the government. We see exactly the opposite happening. The most renowned figure responsible for educated Pakistanis competent for the global market forced to resign. No propagandists / media tried to expose the facts behind this mysterious resignation by a respectable figure who worked for years for a nobel cause.

        3. Many good posters here suggested that a 'self sufficient' Pakistan is a desperate necessity for the sake of a better Pakistan/Pakistani people. We see the international bhikaari going around begging the world, to prove to Pakistani citizen that there is no way out for Pakistan without the final nail in the coffin of IMF loans. Again, absolutely nobody to expose this step of the government towards the opposite direction to worsen the limp of Pakistan's economy.

        4. All the agricultural lands dried out destroying even the crops for the consumption of the local/poor people because india blocked Chenab water. The matter remains unresolved while the poor of Pakistan die. Media stops persuing, the government remains busy with its' efforts for a completely paralyze every big and small industry of Pakistan. Nobody to question that.

        There are many to list but these four are the most important ones on my mind right now.

        ZA-Bhutto had a high vision for the Pakistani nation. The most progressive society during his era. Then Zia forced upon Pakistani nation with his radical 'Islamic' views. A planned empowerment to emotionally, Islamically, mentally and physically crush Pakistani nation, their hopes, their aims. I do not know the crime for which ZA-Bhutto was executed. But I am aware of the way the most progressive Pakistani nation was oppressed to the extent of being crippled. And all of that, using the name of Islam..... by our very own enemies but through using our own religiously fundamentalist people (such as zia and likewise) and traitors. Zia was even forced by these very traitors to impose shariah law in Pakistan in a quest to turn Pakistani people into another dumb/mute/oppressed nation (like Saudi nation) leaving absolutely no hope to ever develop the capacity to become true 'leaders' (like ZAB).

        The Pakistani nation got so confused and was divided in two major groups - Fundamenalists who call themselves 'religious and ambassadors of Islam's message (Just like Saudis) and moderately religious (who are named 'liberals' by the fundamentalists). This trend still continues with introduction of 'Talibans' in the region. The nation who once upon a time was progressing tremandously with a promising better and brighter future is now limited to struggling and pointing fingers over one another using their own versions of Islam. Now the whole nation remains terribly confused with absolutely no leader to give them a direction.

        With all that oppression in the name of religion Pakistani nation went through, how can one expect to have a credible leader, anyway? Benazir had to be assasinated because she had all it takes to be a leader - Maybe a hope for Pakistan? Same goes for IK. A true leader. But who we have to lead us is an international bhikaari because that is whom indians can easily control as he is not competent enough to handle their pressure to run Pakistan's affairs the way they want him to. So, basically, Pakistan is being run by indians through zardari.

        BUT.......... the ease loving nation that we are, never wish to dig deeper to find out who it is inciting the stronger powers to control the reigns of Pakistan. With closed eyes, we will say what we hear the enemy saying - It's AMERICA, It's ISRAEL, It's JEWS. THEY want to destroy you, not us!!! Then the very same neighbour goes jumping over the uncle's head and saying, "You gotta do somethin' soon. Crush them before they crush you. These Pakistanis are going to get ya if you dont pay attention to what we tell you!" So to make them pay attention to them, they use their cunning skills naturally by creating al qaeda (extension of RAW) and merging with Talibans by exploiting them into believing that they both 'exist for the same cause - To destroy Amercia'. The whole Taliban / pakhtun / baloch / fundamentalists / arabs community all over the world comes together to 'fight for the same cause as per al qaeda's (indians) exploitation of them. Then they tell america and the Jews, "If you dont believe us, watch this".

        Guess what? They go on to successfully exploiting to join them almost everyone who is even 'remotely' religious. And those muslims who do not know any better, they tell them "your Islam is all about Jihad (killing non-muslims). Just what they would want them to believe in order to prove a point to America/Jews. Obviously, what would you expect from people who have no effing idea about what Islam is. Who never read anything about the faith more than 4 wives, beard and burka. And then there are 'parrhay likhay jahils' who assume 'Jihad' is all about killing and nothing more. So with all those limited 'knowledge' of their faith, when the whole muslim community is already confused, they get successfully exploited into carrying out the noble 'Jihad' against America, against Jews. Hence, when they 'neighbour' successfully proves her point to America and the Jewish community, happens what we have all seen in the recent times.

        All of that because...............? After years of oppression by a religious fundamentalist, the once progressive Pakistani nation now has lost the mental capacity to see a simple fine difference between the God's version of Islam (peace to the whole humanity) and a terror spreading version of Islam (as taught to them by the enemy and radicals to suit their interest). Obviously, there are very few who can clearly see the difference and manage to stay away from the enemy's / radicals' favourite terror-version of Islam and only practice the 'peace' that was originally brought to and for the people of the world.

        Long story short, Pakistani nation needs to pull a reverse gear to go back to where they were pre-zia. Shed off that fear, terror and oppression imposed upon you by the enemy through using mentality of some radical Pakistani. You are free and deserve to live freely. Get out of the cave you were shoved inside decades ago - All in the name of Islam. Islam is extremely modern and promotes a broad vision over every matter of life. So PLEASE, forget about beard, burka and abuse for now and recall how you used to be pre-zia era. That's who you are and that who you must be because you deserve to rise in the world with confidence.

        Show the world that Pakistani nation is far from what they are being mislead to think they are. That they are broadminded, educated, civilized, peace-loving individuals who care about and feel for other humans regardless of their religion. And not a 'difficult' nation with unresolved issues due to the internal political turmoil. Beat your enemy by refusing to be what they want you to be - RADICALS. Because you are not what they want you to become - DESTRUCTIVE. You are who you were pre-zia and pre-Talibans. An intelligent, competent, progressive, caring for other people, talented, ambitious, hopeful, bright and a balanced minded nation.

        Originally posted by desert bird View Post
        During a presentation, Dr Naqvi informed the committee members that at present the government was spending less than two per cent of GDP - 1.9 per cent - on education sector, whereas, he said, according to international standards four per cent of the GDP was the minimum which a government should spend on education.Dispelling the impression that government is spending money on higher education at the expense of school and college education, he said during the last year out of Rs253 billion spent on education throughout the country, only Rs33 billion was given to the higher education sector.
        Tujh pe hai ay watan jan o dil he fida
        Pakistan ko jannat day bana
        Ho tera karam maula!


          Re: A Good News for Pakistan

          another drama loving dude with his "good" news....
          There are three sides to every argument: Your side, my side and the right side.
          (Twisted version).