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RAW agents on Gupshup

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    RAW agents on Gupshup

    Has anybody noticed that this forum stays quiet until somebody provokes the Indians who suddenly start appearing in floods to defend their Hindu-stan? What are they doing the rest of the time? lurking. watching us to see what we say, know our thoughts, with no interest in partaking in the discussions unless they are are carrying out their own agenda. We talk Babri masjid and suddenly by coincidence their all back as if they had never been away, fact, some1, Abbas, YaI, Sarwar, the list goes on.

    Believe me, they are here all the time; waiting, watching...who knows what their real agenda is?

    Mr. Xtreme
    I agree with you...

    Yeh GhaZii Yeh Tairayy puRRAssRar Bundaiy

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      Too bad you think this way Mr. Xtreme. I was seriously beginning to like you and you brand me as a RAW agent :-( guys won't be hearing from me for a while. I'm going home on vacation --- will be back after a month. I might just pop in if I am welcome.
      Anyway.....hope all of you have a nice holiday season and a wonderful New Year.
      Bye everyone !


        Hey BombayKid,

        i didn't mention you...look at the post again. The only time i mentioned you was as a 'friendly neighbour'. But now I think you are just a sly dog. Pushing your agenda in an underhand way. U are right to fear me...gettting to the truth behind the facade is my speciality. have a nice trip.


          Mr. Extreme wrote .....Believe me, they are here all the time; waiting, watching...who knows what their real agenda is?

          You sound so scared...I generally don't want to interfere when you are discussing internal matters of Pakistan.

          Another reason is that there are miniscule minorities in Pakistan and all the Gurudawara (including the historical ones) are empty boarded and in very bad conditions with no followers to look after them. All our relatives including our immediate families were pushed out. We don't have any Pakistani Sikhs or Hindus to talk about.

          In India we have sizable number of Muslim population. When you discuss India (Babri Masjid) or Indian muslims we like to give you our point of view.


            I just noticed that the majority of the posts in this forum are posted by either Indians or individuals sympathetic to India. There seems to be an excellent representation of the Indian view point here.

            I don't know how many other forums for discussion have a similar representation. Anyways, I think its excellent that they are premitted to participate and view their concerns here - it gives us something to think about and sometimes allows us to create a bridge of understanding. But other times it separates us even more, reminding us of past divisions and reinforcing new ones.

            To be completely honest, I don't like coming here as much as I use to, partly because of the prescence of people who are pushing their own 'agenda' - an agenda which is often anti-Pakistani and anti-Muslim. There is only so much you can say to counter their arguments, before you realize that such discussions are not worthwhile.



              How come u guys forget me while discussing RAW agents. I am back on the duty.

              If RAW agents were so bad, how bad the cooked ones would be?


                As they say ’Khair se jao aur khair se aao’

                ZZ, Welcome back

                There was a time when I believed that it’s good to see what ppl think about us, learn to see your faults etc. However most of the posting here are not posted to build a bridge between us – Indians and Pakistanis. Sometimes one would wonder if we Pakistanis and Indians were born to hate each other. Khair, deleting or editing posts is not enough to change the atmosphere on this forum. Some/same ppl are plying with Indian and Pakistanis feelings. I’m tiered of reading propaganda.
                It’s amazing to see how low ppl can sink, while trying to make a point.

                There's enough hate in the world already so member who are holding matches boxes in both hands should stop this pathetic game. Multiple nicks are ok, lekin don’t misuse it!



                  Xtreme wrote : Has anybody noticed that this forum stays quiet until somebody provokes the Indians who suddenly start appearing in floods to defend their Hindu-stan? What are they doing the rest of the time?

                  We Indians (atleast most of us) don't post for the sake of posting a message.And most of the times respond only when provoked (like now !!!).

                  RAW IS WAR


                    What are you doing here if you aren't posting? Why sit there just watching? It is senseless. What is your purpose in being here then? you tell me.


                      Argue - Trouble
                      Don't Argue - Trouble

                      Life is not fair.


                        now this is hillarious


                          Indians want to see what we pakistanis are up to...they are local public and we are local public so its spying of a local public on local public. They dont like us..and we hate them. I write a bad thing about indian and they start coming from all directions. Everyone keeps any eye on pakistani disscusion sites..even CIA AND FBI.


                          Till next time***K_I_S_S***


                            Jawaan, how do u have such a detailed information on inside working of CIA and FBI? Do they have time to read the junk discussions on newsgroups?


                              Xtreme Bhai,

                              I said that we Indians don't post just for the sake of posting.That does not mean that we only sit back and watch. We do start threads and voice our opinions.
                              Even a RAW agent that u think I am has initiated threads ranging from population growth in the subcontinent to the Shoaib Akhtar chucking issue.
                              I don't post anything when I don't know much about what is being discussed or feel it is not relevant to me.

                              But I am sure I am speaking to a wall.
                              Have it your way !!!

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