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Paknet launch wireless internet service in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi & Rawalpindi

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    Paknet launch wireless internet service in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi & Rawalpindi

    Good News!!!

    ISLAMABAD (August 08 2002) : A new concept in the use of Internet through a broad band wireless connection is to be launched here on Thursday evening for the '', an internet service provider of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. This will be the first step in the new phase of internet usage that will break through cable encumbrances in a premises and provide high speed broad band service.

    The new system, though expensive to install in the beginning, will be a boon to the laptop or note-book (computer) users wanting to be on the move in a warehouse or large office spaces. To start with, the facility will be available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and will be extended to other places shortly afterwards.

    The introduction ceremony, being planned by '', will be presided over by Dr Ata-ur-Rahman, Federal Minister for Science and Technology, at Hotel Marriott here and will be attended by Shaukat Ahmed Reshi, Chief Executive

    Officer of Sarcorp, which represents Proxim Corporation of the US, joint venture partner of the '' in this project.

    The officials of the only public sector that the system would provide a high speed service up to 10 megabites with the basic system covering 15 km. The higher speed system can extend the coverage range up to 40 km, ISP's Manager Marketing Dr Kamil Muzaffar Tarar said.

    He said the new service has been successfully integrated with the existing Paknet facility in the country.

    Simultaneously with the new network launching in the city, the first public facility under it will be made available to public at the Islamabad International Airport. The outside dish-antennae will have access plugs in the arrival and departure lounges as well as the reception area.

    The users will have to acquire a wireless modem from the Paknet Customer Services at the Airport to get connected with the Internet without a telephone line. The facility has been appropriately named as 'Paknet Freedom'.

    The new service was commissioned a week ago, but its official launch will be held on Thursday evening offering it for subscription to individual and corporate users.

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    All people are equal, but some are more equal than others. We call these "corporations."

    good news, may be this is the forward in those areas too where we dont have much land cable network.
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        Being a PakNet user since 1996, I hail this great news!!! I hope its feasible for ordinary customers like us!!!