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    Some good news:)

    ISLAMABAD, August 02 (PNS): Federal minister for science and technology Dr Attaur Rahman Thursday said that world highest density media processor had been produced by local engineers.

    Addressing the launching of Next Generation Telecom Solution powered by Awaz Multi Processor Technology, federal minister said, "we see something outstanding taking place, as world class product (processor) has been shaped."

    Appreciating the efforts of Awaz Network, who has produced the processor, he said that government were supporting such projects and soon Pakistan would become a leading country in field of science and technology.

    There is a need to realize what sort of changes taking place at global level, the minister said and added, "for that we need to invest in our scientists, build up mind and develop education."

    Prof Atta said that the country did not need billion of people but few people were required to be nourished so that they can produce the best for the country.

    The federal minister said that the R&D fund of PTCL worth $600 million would be utilized for boosting science and technology in the country.

    The three pillars for the development of state that is agriculture, industries, and defense could not stand in isolation from the 4th pillar, science and technology, Dr Atta acknowledged.

    Discussing progress in field of information technology, Dr Atta said, "Remarkable development happened in infrastructure adding country's own satellite will be launched on December 24."

    Earlier Dr Shoaib Khan from Awaz network briefed the participants about the chip. He said, "we have designed our own processor and kept all things on a single chip that has the facility of 2000 telephone calls."

    Besides this, Automatic Call Distribution System (ACD) has been installed in Peshawar to handle voice; he informed and explained that it is a conversion network coupled telephone and data network. The voice is converted into data and then again to voice, he said.

    PTCL chairman Akhtar Bajwa said that PTCL is working in collaboration with private companies to promote indigenous technology. "We want development of technologies through local companies, who have achieved la andmark today."

    PTCL monopoly, Bajwa said, will be ended by the year end thus other companies will get a chance to join the competition and exploit the opportunities for the betterment of the country.
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    sorry, you're late. I posted it already.

    "It was around 3a.m.
    When I saw this bright flash. After that I felt
    these long fingers holding me down.
    I woke up floating in a jar with tubes sticing out of my sides."
    -Zulfi, 22


      Earlier Dr Shoaib Khan from Awaz network briefed the participants about the chip. He said, "we have designed our own processor and kept all things on a single chip that has the facility of 2000 telephone calls."
      Dr. Shoaib Khan happens to be my teacher... He is a PhD from Georgia Tech and is an army officer and holds the rank of major. He is also in the talent pool of Pakistan. He has been teaching at the College of E&ME, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) for quite a while now, and has been associated with the computer department there (my dept ). We (Batch-21-Compute-Eng) have also worked in this processor and worked on its Real Time Operating System.

      The funny thing is, Avaz Networks is being funded by a Jewish person in Irvine California, and its the only computer company in Islamabad worth talking about. Some of our brothers here are suggesting we throw away foriegn (possibley US) investors, and they should know that if we do, we loose few companies such as Avaz Networks. Great people like Dr. Major Shoiab Khan are available in Pakistan, but we dont have the resources to fund such a company and its massive projects. This particular prototype processor was fabricated in Taiwan, as that was the closest fabrication facility.

      This DSP Processor marks a triumphant spot for Pakistan, as no third world country has developed such a DSP processor as yet.

      Hats off to Dr. Shaoib Khan, the engineers of E&ME College (NUST) , Avaz Networks and
      everyone associated with this project!!!