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Propaganda Journalism in Pakistan.....Is it ?

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    Propaganda Journalism in Pakistan.....Is it ?

    Call it a propaganda journalism:

    Every day when you look at Pakistani newspapers one feel like throwing up. Day after day, and for years our newspapers have nothing better to report but statements from corrupt politicians, unchanged political agendas of their political parties..........the same old garbage.

    There is not a single newspapers that is willing to project views on how to bring changes for the better. And if we have our journalists in Washington DC, or elsewhere abroad, to justify their stay, they will send back news to be reported that worth not a single paisa - that is a reality.

    Then we do not have anyone in journalism who will pay any attention to the kind of editorials or point of view written in the foreign press and to respond. It seems that our newspapers editors, journalists or others must be busy planning on how to get rich fast and then to leave the motherland plundered for a comfortable life abroad.

    "Account of Punjab Rape Tells of a Brutal Society" write Ian Fisher in the New York Times, dated July 17th. . I want to ask Fisher that does one bad incidence, in this case rape here, represent the society as brutal? If that be the case, how many rapes on dailiy bases take place in the big cities like New York, Chicago or elsewhere. What about teen girls becoming mothers? The list can go on of different crimes. Shall I call American Society " A Brutal Society." Of course not because it is always a very few bad elements that does not deserve to represent the society.

    Show Forgiveness, speak for Justice and avoid the Ignorant.
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    A Faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.


    You hit the nail right on the spot.

    One side nature of Pak-Journalism won't change, I suppose


      News is a reflection of the mood of the say all pakistani journalists are lifafa journalists is false...and to say there are none is also false..if it wasnt for people like Ardeshir Cowasjee and others we would never have known about 1/10th of the corrupt acts BB and NS or the Army have been upto...
      How can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the Temple of his Gods?


        These funds mentioned in the article below have been used for ages to control the was a practice introduced by Ayub Khan

        Govt admits existence of secret
        fund in Information Ministry

        By Rauf Klasra

        ISLAMABAD: The government for the first time officially confirmed to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Saturday that a 'secret fund' exits in the Ministry of Information to dole out heavy amounts to different writers, columnists, journalists and others to conduct 'research' where needed and write in favour of government policies.

        It was also confirmed to the PAC that a sum of Rs15million given by the exiled premier Nawaz Sharif to the Islamabad Policy Research was actually deposited in the 'secret fund' by the then bosses of the Information Ministry for the purpose of distribution among its favourites journalists. The Ministry however refused to get the big amount audited on the pretext that the 'secret fund' could not be audited by any agency.

        Earlier, the Public Accounts Committee took up the audit reports of the Ministry of Information with regard to payments to journalists from the secret fund, establishment of workers welfare fund and other issues pertaining to PTV. PAC chairman HU Beg, presided the committee meeting, which was attended by General Talat Masoud, Shaukat Kazmi, Akmul Ahad and Muzaffar Ahmad. Mohammad Younis Khan, Auditor General of Pakistan, and Finance Ministry Joint Secretary Nasrul Aziz also attended the meeting. Anwar Mahmood, Secretary Information, and MD PTV Mirza Yousaf Beg were in the meeting to defend the expenditures in their ministry and corporation.

        A long debate ensued in the PAC when it was pointed out by the audit that the Information Ministry had refused to provide details of Rs15million given to it for the establishment of IPRI but diverted into the Information Ministry 'secret fund'. The PAC also took a serious note of payment of Rs25million to some influential people by the Information Ministry in the name of honouring those associated with the Pakistan Freedom Movement without laying down any rules and procedure. Till date, no one knows the fate of the money that was not deposited in a nationalised bank as per the government policy.

        The audit said that it does not know the use of the fund and it asked the PAC to direct the Ministry of Information to arrange the required documents so that a proper audit could be conducted to determine whether the money was utilised accordingly or not. Beg said anyone who utilises the government money must give details of expenditures.

        General Talat said there was a strong possibility that the funds might have been utilised somewhere else and now the Information Ministry is not divulging information under one pretext or the other. He wondered how could one NGO or trust be given so much money for the old workers of Pakistan movement and how could one determine that they were the genuine people who had participated in the Pakistan Movement.

        Shaukat Kazmi said it was a serious issue and no lame excuse should be entertained. Anwar Mahmood however tried to defend dolling out of Rs25million. The PAC directed the Ministry of information to collect al the required information from the concerned trust and its members and hand over the same for their audit. Earlier, a long debate took place on the issue of audit of secret funds and the money given to journalists by the Ministry of Information to arrange pro government coverage in newspapers.

        The Secretary Information maintained that if the Audit was allowed to have an access to the documents of this fund, it would create problems and so they should not be authorised to do so. But, the Audit was of the view that when the amount was released for Islamabad Policy Research institute by the Ministry of Finance, it was never stated that it was meant for a secret fund. However, when the cheque was issued it was deposited by the Information Ministry in the secret account.

        General Talat said he failed to understand what kind of secrecy it is to keep the public in the dark with regard to the use of public money. However after all the arguments and counter arguments, the ever wavering PAC, the vulnerable audit officials and intelligent Information Ministry found a middle way to keep the taxpayers in the dark from knowing the use of their money by agreeing to keep alive the tradition of use of secret funds in the best "national interests".

        How can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the Temple of his Gods?


          These army wallahs are so hypocrite that I wonder why the Pakistani public has not hanged all its traitor corrupt generals so far?

          Generals are only good for destroying the consitution of Pakistan, when they should be destroying Indian army. Pathetic!