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Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy

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    Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy

    is this for real? what happens if somebody
    like mentally unsound person calims he is the prophet he will be sentanced to death?


    Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy

    By Shahid Hussain

    LAHORE: A former Christian officer of fisheries department who claimed to be Jesus Christ and blasphemed the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was convicted for hurting the feelings of Muslims, Christians and Jews on Thursday and sentenced to death by hanging besides Rs 500,000 fine, said court officials. Additional sessions judge Sadaqat Ullah Khan awarded Anwer Keneth capital punishment on his confession, who neither engaged any counsel nor defended himself during the trail.

    The prosecution had charged the convict with passing derogatory remarks about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in a letter he sent to complainant Haji Mehmood Zafar, secretary general, Aujuman Ashait-e-Islam. The court upheld the charge and observed that Keneth defiled the sacred name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and hurt the religious sentiments of people by committing an offence under Section 295-C PPC.

    The judge observed the convict uttered derogatory remarks in his letter to the complainant, all heads of states, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, all foreign diplomats in Pakistan, Muslim religious leaders and Christian theologians the world over. The judge observed that "apart from his abhorrence of Islam, Keneth has tried to amalgamate Christianity and Judaism, which is not acceptable to both religions. So he has not only hurt the feelings of Muslims but also those of Christians and Jews."

    The judge said the convict had pleased none by offending all and nobody could be allowed to earn cheap popularity at the expense of hurting religious feelings of people. Before the judgment, an application for Keneth's medical examination was dismissed by the court. Keneth was arrested by Gowalmandi police in September 2001. He had also sent a copy of his blasphemous letter to the Gowalmandi police. An FIR was lodged against him under Section 295-C at the police station, with Haji Mehmood as complainant.

    According to the convict, out of the heads of 188 countries, only Ireland President Sister Mcaleese replied his letter. Earlier the bearded Keneth, who was wearing Shalwar Kameez and skull cap, was taken to Awan-e-Adl under a tight security. A number of policemen were deployed on the court premises. They did not let anybody meet the convict. The convict said he would not appeal before the Lahore High Court because he had full faith in that he could not die. Sticking to his blaspemy, he said,

    Kenneth was a BS-18 officer at the Fisheries Department three years ago. In the beginning of the year 2000, he resigned on religious grounds. The department did not accept his resignation. But he did not join and so was punished with removal from service. On the previous hearing, he confessed to blasphemy and said Jesus Christ had chosen him for preaching his message. The verdict against Keneth, 40, drew criticism from the nation's Christian Liberation Front.

    Please post the link to the Pakistani paper.
    I am curious to the content of the letter he wrote. Another paper reporting the same news claimed that Kenneth was recognised to be insane and he was claiming to be Christ. I guess that is why he believes that he will not die, and no reason to appeal. I hope he does not have a family and kids who have to go through this ordeal.



      Here's the link of the article

      Pakistani Christian Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy

      A Pakistani Christian who claimed he was Jesus Christ and called Islam a fake religion has been sentenced to death for blasphemy.

      The verdict against Anwar Keneth, 40, a former government official, drew criticism from the nation's Christian Liberation Front, which lobbies for the interests of the small Christian community.

      Keneth was arrested a year ago in Lahore of violating Pakistan's strict blasphemy laws after he sent a letter to a local imam and others stating that he was Christ and Islam was a fake religion