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    11 July 2002

    The columnist Hussain Ahmed Piracha who the other day appeared on PTV World Morning News says in his latest column that again and again governments had given shock to the confidence of Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) and no department has any interest with OPs. This is what Public Accounts Committee early this year observed that Ministry of Labour and Overseas Pakistanis Foundation had no interest with OPs. Previously only Federal Governments always raised slogans of non existing “love, care, affection, best wishes” for OPs but of late now the provincial governments have too joined in as much local governments have too taken seats for riding on this train. For example Chief Nazim Karachi Naimat Ullah is repeatedly asking OPs to invest in Karachi. Sindh Government is one of them but has it really any “real’ interest with Overseas Pakistanis?

    The answer is Mehran Town Housing Scheme Karachi established in 1973-75 exclusively for Overseas Pakistanis. 100% payment in foreign exchange was obtained. The scheme was never ever developed though financial files of KDA will show stomach of site having consumed a lot of hard cash. The site is today unworthy for living for human being. A large part of the site for which payment was received by KDA and allotment letters issued was under modus ope***** of double allotment in 1991 “handed over” to a private housing scheme by Sindh Revenue despite knowing KDA had already allotted these plots to OPs. Since such things are done under wishes of “unknown very big guns” hence KDA despite knowing it had obtained payments from OPs at that time remained almost silent. When the OPs were deprived of their allotted plots, the KDA half heartedly then just to complete the file formalities started a “legal battle”.

    Last week the Sindh High Court has dismissed the KDA case against said private housing scheme which is no point here. But the real point to ponder is Sindh Government which at present is showing its well wishing heart for OPs welfare and is inviting them to invest in Sindh where their money is claimed would be very safe, its Advocate General instead of speaking in favour of OPs who paid full money 20 plus years back in 70s and hold allotment letters spoke in support of private housing scheme and against KDA a government department which technically in simple words means against OP allottees.

    wow so OPs paid money for plotts to a government agency i.e. KDA, and never got it because some private developers somehow took that land?

    Which politician is chacha phuppa tayya of these developers?
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.