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Are muslims united around the globe?

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    Originally posted by MShafiq:
    How many people think we (muslims) are united?

    First of some disclosure: I am not a Muslim so take the following opinion of mine in that vein (in that I cannot be expected to know and understand the subtelities of that religion, heck not even all facets and focus of that religion).

    Why should the Muslims of the world be expected to be united? For that matter, why should the Christians of the world or the Hindu's of the world be united?

    Pocket book will override in many cases, two families being united, forget countries!

    The majority of Muslims in the US for example are culturally, ethnically and philosophically COMPLETELY different from Muslims in Pakistan or the Arabs! So how can they be united?

    I agree that Islam has spread at a phenominal pace across continents in the past few centuries. But that does not translate to a unity of any sort.

    For people to unite either cultural, ethnic or philosophic alignment is a necessity. Religion (any religion, not just Islam) is insufficient. Or there has to be a common perception of a common threat (example: British rule of India, Hitler, Bin Laden etc).

    If you then try and impose Isalm as not only a religion that people practice but also as the determinant of their cultural and philosphic meter, suddenly you find one or more of following consequences:

    * ugly facet of ethnic differences then surface and you end up with problems not dissililar to Sunni vs Shia or Arab vs non or Ahmedi kind of castes and classes

    * and if in order to suppress even these differences you delve even further and start banning all differences in practice and behavior of the various ethnic groups you end up with legislating the most restrictive interpretation of the religion - aka Taleban form of Islam.

    I am sure you wouldn't profess that because that is the inevitable consequence of such extremist thoughts.


      Originally posted by Abdali:
      And who do you think is Johny Walker????
      oops, my bad, sorry boss!!