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Omar Asghar reported dead...

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    Omar Asghar reported dead...

    KARACHI: Former federal minister Omar Asghar Khan reportedly died on Tuesday morning, however, there are conflicting reports about the cause of his death. Omer Asghar Khan apparently committed suicide
    Staff Report
    (Updated at 1430 PST)
    KARACHI: The death of former federal minister, Omar Asghar Khan, now appears to be suicide as his body was found hanging from a ceiling fan.

    According to Police details, the late former minister was residing at his brother-in-law’s house in Defence Society and he was found hanging from a ceiling fan in his room. Initial Police reports term the death a suicide, however, investigation is in progress.
    Whereas, the state-run PTV channel claimed that the ex-minister was victim of the terrorist attack.

    Omer Asghar’s death: IGP, Sindh Home Secretary to address press conference
    (Updated at 1630 PST)
    KARACHI: The Inspector General Police and Sindh Home Secretary are scheduled to address a press conference Tuesday evening in which they will give details about the death former federal minister and chief of Qaumi Jamhoori Party, Omer Asghar Khan.

    Omar Asghar committed suicide: Police
    (Updated at 1900 PST)
    KARACHI: The Police Tuesday described the death of Omar Asghar Khan, a former federal minister and chief of Qaumi Jamhoori Party, as "a case of suicide."

    "He hanged himself with the ceiling fan to death," Capital Police Chief Asad Jehangir told a crowded press conference at the Artillery Maidan police station.

    He said the deceased had left a note in his own handwriting. It read as under: "To all my dear ones. I could not take it any more. Please excuse me. I'm doing it on my own. No one else is to be blamed: Omar (signature)."

    Asad Jehangir said that the deceased's family members confirmed that the note was in Omar Asghar's own handwriting. He told newsmen that Omar committed suicide sometime after midnight as he was with his cousin and brother-in-law Salim Anwar till midnight.

    "He hanged himself with the ceiling fan by using a bed sheet," Asad said in reply to a question.

    He said as per details, Omar had arrived here on June 23 and he performed his party and other activities in a routine manner on June 23 and 24.

    He said Omar was staying at DHA Phase-IV residence of his cousin, who was his wife's brother.

    Asad Jehangir said today (Tuesday) when Omar did not come out till 11 am, it raised suspicion. His cousin was called from his office as also his uncle Farooq Rahmatullah, chairman Shell.

    He said: "His door was knocked and when no reply was received it was opened with force, as it was bolted from inside."

    He said when inmates went inside, they found his body hanging from the ceiling fan.

    Replying to a question, the City Police Chief said that he could not say if there was any case of NAB against Omar concerning the Employees Old age Benefit Institution (EOBI).

    He said his body was retrieved at midnoon and police reached there at 1 pm.

    He said police also questioned family members but they too had no answer as to the cause of the incident. "They are in a state of shock."

    Asad Jehangir said Omar's body has been taken to Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for postmortem after which it would be flown to Abbottabad.

    When specifically asked, Asad Jehangir said: "We don't suspect any foul play." He told another questioner there were no marks of violence on the body. To another question if there was any family dispute, the City Police Chief said they would talk about it with the deceased's family.

    In response to another question, he said the record of telephone calls made and received by Omar Asghar Khan is being obtained.

    He said Omar had three children.

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    was he related to Rtd. Air Marshal Asghar Khan?

    I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying.


      he was his son...


        Commited Suicide

        For what man!


          One more down...........doesn't matter how he died.


            Originally posted by Jahanzaib:
            One more down...........doesn't matter how he died.
            What's that supposed to mean?


              Must be absolutely heart breaking for his father. Tragic and unnecessary. From all I have read about Omar, he was a good man. My sympathies and prayers are with his family.


                Very sad news..
                How can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the Temple of his Gods?


                  That's very sad and unexpected. Maybe Mushy's next?


                    Sad news...


                      Omar Asghar Khan death in mysterious circumstances is really bizarre.
                      He was involved in scandal few months ago (as a minister) when he had hand written a letter to the judge who was presiding over the blasphemy trail of Yousaf “the liar” Ali, who claimed to be a prophet (Allah forbid), that he should not be given the death sentence, and a lighter sentence should be passed.
                      It was a big deal at that time in the newspapers, but it cooled down later on.
                      Ironically there was also a note near his body which was hand written by him, and the family have confirmed it to be his hand writing…
                      According to him the note said: "To all my dear ones. I could not take it any more. Please excuse me. I am doing this at my own, no one else is to blame".
                      What pressure he could not take?
                      As you guys know that the blasphemy convict Yousaf “the liar” Ali was put to death by an activist of the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba on 11 June 2002 in Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore.
                      Check here:
                      And the police still cannot find out how the hell the gun got in the cell of the dangerous detainees, and the person who first admitted of giving the gun to the murderer was changed his story.
                      Allah Almighty works in mysterious ways...
                      May Allah Almighty forgive his sins and rest his soul in peace (Ameen)...


                        Ah, so the SSP Jihadis killed him perhaps?

                        Omar Asghar was a brave guy for writing that note to the Judge.



                          Omer Asghar’s ‘suicide’

                          Questions still unanswered

                          By Sarfaraz Ahmed

                          KARACHI: Strong suspicion has arisen that Omer Asghar Khan, who was found dead at his in-laws’ home on Tuesday, was murdered.

                          According to police and the Sindh government, the chemical report to determine whether Omer Asghar Khan had taken sedatives before his death, will be finalised next week. If the report shows that he did in fact take sedatives, there could be a possibility that he had been forced to swallow them, and then hanged.

                          However, the roles of the police and the government, and of the in-laws, have raised serious questions. The mark of ligature (the point where strangulation supposedly occurred) was too thin for that produced by bed-sheets used by the victim, as the family gave doctors to understand. The family also said they had removed the sheets before they laid the body on the bed. “It was hardly 2 to 3 cm,” a well-placed medical source said of the mark. “It should have been over 6 cm if a pair of bed-sheets were used for strangulation.” More important, the bed-sheets were not produced to the forensic experts at the time of post-mortem on the body.

                          The main question relates to the assumed method of suicide. The distance between the ceiling and the ground is about 11 feet. The height of the seat of the revolving office chair is about two feet. The fan’s blades were less than two feet below the ceiling. Omer Asghar Khan’s height is stated to have been 5 feet 10 inches, and he weighed over 70 kg. If the height of the chair’s seat, the victim’s height and the level of the fan’s blades are taken into account, there is the question of how he managed to hang himself. It is not clear yet whether he is supposed to have placed the chair on the bed. The entire scene of the tragedy is sketchy.

                          Also, the flight to carry the body to Islamabad was booked much before the post-mortem was performed. And why did the government not form a medical board, given the importance of the case? According to one of the doctors, the alleged suicide note was found on an envelope. But the pen used to write it was missing. It is intriguing that Capital City police chief Asad Jahangir declared the cause to be suicide, while the post-mortem is still under way. Doctors also said the neck bone was not broken.


                            Any word on what is the latest on the investigation ?

                            IMHO it was not a suicide... he was not the type to commit suicide... has there been a judicial inquiry into his death?


                              Mir of Hunza - was that a sarcastic statement up there about Mush?

                              I hope not. Cuz that would be too wrong and uncivil.
                              I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.