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Egyptians believe Musharraf outwitted Vajpayee

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    Egyptians believe Musharraf outwitted Vajpayee

    Egyptians believe Musharraf outwitted Vajpayee

    By Nusrat Javeed

    CAIRO: Ordinary men and women of the teeming streets of this vibrant city feel maliciously pleased when it comes to discussing Pakistan. India, they are convinced, was all set to begin another war with it. "But your president is very smart. He forced them to have the second thoughts by (test) firing three (possibly atomic) missiles," most Egyptians say.

    Waiters, cab drivers, hotel staff and regular customers of the traditional cafes in downtown Cairo, this correspondent has been talking to since landing in Egypt the last Friday, sounded to be strongly believing that Pakistan could only deal with its enemies by repeatedly b*****shing, accentuating and updating its nuclear potential. In cities and towns beyond Cairo, even the mid-ranking government officials expressed the same feelings, before getting to explain the projects they work for.

    Reporting the prevalent tensions between India and Pakistan, the usually cautious and understating Egyptian media drum up the atomic sides of the South Asian story. Anwar Kamal, the watchful ambassador of Pakistan, is a popular guest of TV shows discussing international issues. Most anchorpersons act their best to get the jingoistic lines from him. Kamal does his best not to get carried away. Yet the media handlers of the Indian embassy in Cairo are upset.

    Some prominent journalists and TV commentators jokingly confessed as if feeling "harassed", with incessant visits and phone calls, the Cairo-based Indian diplomats keep making to counter the fast-growing perception among the mass of Egyptian people that "India is imitating Israel in suppressing the Muslims in Kashmir." Only the atomic potential of Pakistan could check it in the end.

    The streets of Egypt "own" the atomic potential of Pakistan. "We can very well presume", commented a local journalist, "that Pakistan's nuclear programme provides strategic depths to masses in the Arab streets, feeling intensely agitated about the unending sufferings of their Palestinian brothers."

    In radical contrast to Cairo's streets, the real movers and shakers of the Egyptian foreign policy are deeply perturbed with Indo-Pak tensions. They anxiously desire that Islamabad must elude a war with its archenemy by deft playing of the diplomatic cards............................

    "He who lives upon hope only will die fasting."
    "When one bright intellect meets another bright intellect, the light increases and the Way becomes clear." - Rumi

    Yup in foreign affairs, Mush has done a good job.


      I would not be surprised if Indians felt that Musharraf is more intelligent then Vajpayee.

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        Abdali likes to post articles from Asia Times by Pakistani authors.

        Here is one article that he will NOT post.

        Kashmir a litmus test for Musharraf

        By Syed Saleem Shahzad

        KARACHI - Tough months lie ahead in troubled South Asia, especially for Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf. He is caught between those within his team who are pushing for Pakistan to lend outright support to the Kashmiri military struggle, and the United States and world leaders who want him to stop cross-border incursions into Kashmir at all costs, especially as he has already given his word that he will do so.

        The sudden removal of Pakistan's ambassador to Washington, Maleha Lodhi, and foreign minister Abdul Sattar reflect the turmoil within the government, while there is also discontent among the top brass of the army over Pakistan's stance on Kashmir. Inamul Haq is the new foreign minister and Jehangir Asharaf Qazi the new ambassador to the US.

        The army leadership is known to be very critical of the Pakistani Foreign Office. After September 11, Sattar and Lodhi briefed a joint meeting of the federal cabinet and the National Security Council as well as corps commanders separately to impress upon them that Pakistan's support of the US in its war against terror (and Afghanistan) would benefit the region. And they insisted that this policy would give Pakistan the upper hand in the region, especially with regard to Islamabad's position on Kashmir.

        In the current military standoff, though, all of these pledges have meant nothing. US officials have linked the Kashmiri movement with al-Qaeda and they have placed heavy pressure on Musharraf to stop cross-border incursions, while they have not said a single word against Indian state suppression and atrocities in Indian-held Kashmir. India's diplomats, clearly, have won hands down and their Pakistan contemporaries have not even been able to muster support among the 56 members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

        To add salt to the wound, Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has stated that "we won the war without firing a bullet". Not something that Pakistan's generals like to hear.

        And on the domestic front, the political parties are making a mockery of Musharraf's Kashmir policy. Politicians such as Alliance for Restoration of Democracy (ARD) chief Nawabzada Nasarullah Khan; former premier and chairperson of the Pakistani People's Party, the exiled Benazir Bhutto; Qazi Hussain Ahmed, the leader of the largest Muslim party, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI); and Maulana Fazalurehman, chief of the Jamiat-i-Ulema-i-Islam, have made routine statements saying that Musharraf has sold out Kashmir.

        And sources say that the military leadership is keeping up the pressure on Musharraf, arguing that if Pakistan reverses its support for the militants in Kashmir in midstream, 12 years of the Kashmir struggle would go waste.

        The sacking of the two top Foreign Office officials, presumably to appease hawkish elements, indicates that Musharraf is not going to change his tack on Kashmir entirely, and in coming days Kashmiri fighters will definitely carry out some big military actions and the situation will return to how it was before the easing of action a few weeks ago. And now, after a relatively long silence, Musharraf has started talking in the same tone he has used in the past when referring to the Kashmiri freedom struggle.

        Musharraf has rejected suggestions that he has sold out Kashmir under US and Indian pressure, saying that he ordered a halt to the infiltration of militants for the same reason of "national interest" that he cited in ditching the Taliban in Afghanistan.

        "Absolutely not," he said in an interview with the UK-based Independent newspaper. "The cause of Kashmir must be resolved. Kashmir is a festering wound ... since partition; there is a United Nations Security Council resolution on Kashmir and we are demanding its implementation. We must resolve the Kashmir dispute, this is our stand even now." He said the conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir was "another Palestine in the making".

        "I keep telling the United States and everyone: We must understand the dangers of this region. These dangers can only be averted if we resolve the Kashmir issue. We must do that. Otherwise, there is another Palestine here in the making," he said, adding, "Kashmir needs to be resolved. I also say it needs to be resolved in a peaceful manner. But if the other side does not want to resolve it, then we are stuck again."

        Musharraf denied reports that Richard Armitage, the US deputy secretary of state, resorted to threats to pressure him to halt cross-border infiltration into Kashmir. In another interview to the US-based publication News Week he clarified that he had never promised the United States that he would stop incursions into Kashmir permanently. However, the US was quick to dismiss this claim.

        A US spokesman asserted that the military ruler had given assurances to Armitage during his visit to Islamabad recently. "Deputy Secretary Armitage was given assurances by President Musharraf on June 6 that ending of infiltration across the Line of Control would be permanent," a US Embassy spokesman said in New Delhi.

        Now, in Muzzafarabad (the capital of Pakistan-administered Kashmir), the leaders of the Kashmiri militant groups with their Islamic background as well as those Kashmiri leaders with a nationalist background have started hitting out at Musharraf.

        The chief of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, Amanullah Khan, said Pakistani leaders had no right putting a ban on Kashmiris crossing the Line of Control that divides Kashmir as it was a divide that they had never accepted. He termed the latest Pakistani policies as stabbing the Kashmiri struggle in the back. Amanullah Khan is a nationalist Kashmiri leader who wants an independent Kashmir.

        Similar sentiments were expressed by Syed Salahuddin, the chief of the United Jehad Council. He adheres to the Jamaat-i-Islami school of thought, a premier fundamentalist party that exists in India, Pakistan and both the Indian and Pakistani sections of Kashmir.

        Musharraf has shuffled the top ranks of the army leadership several times since September 11 to silence those opposed to his policies of siding with the US and ditching the Taliban, for example.

        This time, though, it will be much more difficult for him to change his position on Kashmir radically as, unlike in the past when the issues were largely related to fundamentalism, this is not the case with Kashmir - nationalism is involved.


          You guys don't get it at all.

          The world doesn't care who is more intelligent or who makes the right moves.

          It is the NEW doctrine of the world after 9-11 that miitant Islam is a menace to civilized society. It doesn't matter how much Musharraf argues or discuss. Pakistan's case in Kashmir is doomed because you support Pan Islamic terrorists who murder innocents.

          You cannot disguise the face of Jaish-e-Mohammed or Lashkar-e-Tayyaba by claiming them as "Indigenous Freedom Fighters".

          US knows that Lashkar chief sheltered Al Qaeda and Jaish guys murdered Daniel Pearl.

          For the rest of the world,

          Beard + Islam + Gun = Terrorist.

          You can cry all you want about Human Rights this and that, but it will be forgotten everytime the "freedom fighters" kill babies and bomb parliaments.

          You cannot put lipstick on a pig and call it a beauty


            You know, its quite unfair and biased for anyone to pinpoint the so called terrorist groups operating in Kashmir, and then to completely ignore the problems the Indian occupation in Kashmir is causing.

            Taali do haathon se bajti hai - Indian let go of Kashmir which they should never have touched, then things will move forward.
            I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.


              Talwar....In my opinion it is good that the infiltration is down because it is never going to accomplish anything. But India must seize this opportunity to conduct fair elections, take the Kashmiri people in to confidence and give them proper human rights. If this doesn't happen then the infiltration will start again some time later, India cannot maintain its troops on the border forever. If injustice isn't put to an end then the suffering people will always rise against the oppressor.

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              "When one bright intellect meets another bright intellect, the light increases and the Way becomes clear." - Rumi


                Hezb and Lashkar are directly controlled from AK.. Oh well Talwar will have a perfect excuse for every attack until 2010

                Few Indian sewer cockroaches in uniform eleminated:-

                Several Indian soldiers and suspected militants were killed and about 20 civilians wounded in separate incidents in Indian-administered Kashmir on Thursday.



                  Kashmiri Freedom Fighters are Terrorits. Indian Army is Civilized blah blah

                  Pakistan is doing nothing to prevent war. India is doing everything possible to avoid war blah blah blah

                  Pakistan's fault. No fault of India blah blah

                  ISI agents were burning Time magazine regarding Vajpayee's credibility on the streets of New Delhi blah blah

                  ISI agents were behind Godhra & Indian Muslim Genocide in Gujarat blah blah

                  Heck, how the hell they called themselves Civilized?


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                    I didn't say there was no fault with Indians.

                    Yes, our troops do commit acts of violence in Kashmir. But the fact is that that is in the same proportion as the acts committed by
                    the Sewer cockraoch jihadis. So, two bad parties, how can Pak claim "moral superiority" when your own agents are killing babies and bombing parliaments.

                    Before 9-11, world may have had some sympathy for claims of state abuse, but after 9-11, the Whole World has seen the dangers of yielding to Islamic maniacs.

                    So, unfortunately for Pak, any claims of Indian "abuse" will go unheeded as long as jihadi "abuse" is more spectacular.

                    Taali do haaton se bajti hain.

                    Lekin, ek haat ab duniya ke nazar me khota hain...


                      Also, Countries of the world HAVE a RIGHT to use force to quell uprising.

                      Pakistan did that in Balochistan in the 1970s and in Gilgit/Baltistan in the 80s.

                      Even today Pak is using force to crush the Bugti tribesmen.

                      When these indigenous revolts get outisde support, that is unacceptable, especially today.

                      Time for Pak to realize that.


                        I thought this thread was about a job well done by Musharaf sahib. Where did this Kashmir issue comes in?

                        Oh well as long as there are indians they will try to take every opportunity to convince what ever PAK does is negative well who cares let them bark.


                          Talwar...who cares what the world thinks after 9-11, this is not a PR campaign, this is an issue of Kashmiri lives and human rights, if the jihadis are abusing these rights then they must be stopped and if the Indian army is doing it then it must be stopped.

                          Originally posted by Talwar:

                          When these indigenous revolts get outisde support, that is unacceptable, especially today.

                          There was no infiltration or jehadis before India rigged the elections of 1987. Today, the same person who lost the elections due to rigging is the head of a jehadi outfit - Syed Salahuddin.

                          If the abuse wasn't there in the first place, there would have been no such outcome as infiltration etc.

                          Now where were the Kashmiris' rights before this infiltration started, why were the elections rigged? India always shies away from talking about Kashmir in dialogues, that really sucks, how can we resolve this issue if we don't even have the guts to accept it as an central issue.

                          Now that infiltration has stopped, India must take this golden opportunity to commence dialogue and find an amicable solution that guarantees Kashmiris their rights.....otherwise same old story of infiltration will get repeated, there's a limit to which Pak can control the sentiments of the people inclined to sacrifice their lives for some cause.

                          Now please stop discussing Kashmir in this thread.
                          "When one bright intellect meets another bright intellect, the light increases and the Way becomes clear." - Rumi


                            Originally posted by Question:
                            I thought this thread was about a job well done by Musharaf sahib. Where did this Kashmir issue comes in?

                            Yeah, well actually I started this thread cuz I felt very good that the common Egyptians favour us since they are Muslims as well. The purpose of this post was not really to commend Musharraf or say he is superior to Indians, that was just the title of this article in The News, not my fault.
                            "When one bright intellect meets another bright intellect, the light increases and the Way becomes clear." - Rumi


                              The thread says "Musharraf outwitted Vajpayee" so it obviously claims that "Mush won this round on Kashmir".

                              My point is that it doesn't matter if Mush "outwits" Vajpayee. The big picture is that Jihad is a bad word today.