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Communism in Pakistan

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    Communism in Pakistan

    It worked for China, and seeing how DIFFICULT it is to get Pakistan to become a democracy....

    What if Pakistan were to go Commy?

    Time to turn on the imagination, guys.
    I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.

    Communism in Pakistan

    Do you really want that?

    Pakistan is a different country from the rest of the world.



      It would never work because communism is against religion. Since Pakistan was formed on the basis of religion it will create a paradox.


        That is true Chaltahai.
        I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.



          True that it would create a paradox, but where's the rule that ideologies can't change?

          Why shouldn't we consider radical remedies for the radical reform that is required?

          Maybe it's easy for us, sitting comfortably abroad, to suggest something like this. I wonder how we could ask the citizens of Pakistan if they would prefer it?

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            Muzna Auntie: I think people who live in pakistan are the ones who should be behind the communist movement. Who are you to provide solutions to people of Pakistan sitting in your ISP sys admin class.



              How many people in Pakistan do you figure even have an inkling about what Communism is about?

              Note to self: Read that thread on the use of the term "jaan"


                Muzna lady,

                Oh so haughty, ofcourse paki's know what commonism is's when people are everyday and know common.


                  I am sure there are remnants of a few NYA type (do gooders aka capitalist haters). They should do fine.

                  There is a huge communist bone, atleast a socialist one in the South Asian culture. Also, from what every muslim keeping talking about re: inherent egalatarian nature of the religion, should be a pure play for communism.

                  re; jaan: Think drugs!!


                    THere is a tremendous problem with communism...because first of all its anti-religion stand...if you take Islam out of Pakistan then there is practically no basis for the country to exist....second..on the economic works in the beggining when more resources can be forcibly utilized to produce capital products thereby increasing the overall future economic growth...but in later we see in the soviet expriment a central body is not able to cope with the demands of millions of people...chinese have realized this and are basically endorsing the market economy...


                      Actually the Left was quite strong in Pakistan at one time, for example the PPP was quite leftist in it's orientation, so was the National Awami Party.

                      There was also the attempted coup by the communists in Pakistan in 1949-50.

                      There is still a communist party of Pakistan
                      by the way!
                      How can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the Temple of his Gods?



                        i think you people havebeen wrongly informed about communism.communism neither speaks against religion nor it has any animosity towards that .but since communist ideas and ideologies are more man power oriented,effort oriented ,it adhers more to humans and its power ,strength and co ordination of human beings and societies than an invisible power (god),it gives more preferences to materialistic efforts than spiritual sides.

                        one of the paculiarities with communist dominated socities is the high literacy percentage.such communities or socities will be devoid of narrow or extreme religious thoughts and beliefs.only educated people will be ready to accept communist ideas and willing to become iconoclasts or swim against natuaral social straems or even milieums.

                        comminism will remain only as a mirage in pakistan when the present things are taken in to consideration.pakistans low literacy rate will not offer a fertile land for communisnm to grow and moreover there will be a very large and strong opposition from religious leaders is good to remember that pakistan was the roost for afghan mujahidins during their struggle against communist russias invasion.

                        even if we take provincial situations in to account,there will be bitter oppositions for against any such movement from the provinces like Balooch and NWFP.

                        evenm in india communism remains strong only in a few these states ,loiteracy percentage is very high jsut like communist nations like cuba,north korea china etc.


                          Communism works on paper, but it doesnt work at all in practice. The reason the Russians failed is because they were unwilling to change, the reason the Chinese are succesful is because they are like bamboo.. They are flexible, allowing for some marhet structures..