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Pak engineer discovers substitute to oil and gas

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    Pak engineer discovers substitute to oil and gas

    ISLAMABAD, June 03 (PNS): Dr. Mazhar Hussain an Expert of Mechanical Technology has discovered an economical substitute of oil and gas. He said that with this technology Pakistan would earn billion of rupees and electricity rates would be cheaper.

    In an interview to PNS he said that with this project the production of electricity would increase to a great extent. The fuel that would be used in the electricity would be of high quality and not expensive.

    With the usage of this fuel the Ministry of Health and Transport Industry would benefit largely and with fitting of one tube of this fuel, it will be sufficient for a car for five years. The total cost of the tube would be less than 1000 rupees.

    Dr. Mazhar Hussain said that after vigorous and energetic hard work of many years he has been able to dominate the technology and assured that it would be 100% beneficial and valuable for the country.

    He added that a foreign country has offered him a huge sum of money to work with them but he refused, as he only wants Pakistan to take full advantage of the technology.

    Furthermore, he was of a view that the fuel should be exported to foreign countries so that Pakistan could earn billion of rupees in this regard.

    "When one bright intellect meets another bright intellect, the light increases and the Way becomes clear." - Rumi




      In other news, it has been anounced that Musharraf is a democratically elected leader.


        what is this magic fuel? any idea or is that trade secret?
        Yaad aaiy jo dard ki raat may, jis ki baat ho apni har baat may.


          Originally posted by cHEeGUm:
          what is this magic fuel? any idea or is that trade secret?

          I believe it is hydrogen extracted from water by reacting the water with some other compound/element. I am not sure however.
          "When one bright intellect meets another bright intellect, the light increases and the Way becomes clear." - Rumi


            Brothers very carefull

            Indian news have been burnt by simillar fradulent ......Mr.Pillai

            About a year ago a similar claim was made by Mr.PILLAI of Madras (Chennai) India .Having given the Indians real black eye when this person was turned out to be fraud which i am sure this Pakistani engineer would also b/c in such cases it is unscrupulous Pakistanis who import IMPURITIES from the country next door making Pak.,like From the frying pan to fire.

            Pakistanis need to think independently from there giant 7 times in size & 10 times more in population in view of our adversarial relation ship.Indians might be infecting us with there frauds!!!

            You cannot synthesise hydro carbon into fossil fuel, atleast cheaper than refined oil presently available.

            By Wesley Bruce

            From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 6, November 1998, pp. 16-18. New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1998 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
            COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.

            By Wesley Bruce

            The work on Herbal Petrol, now called "Herbal fuel" is coming to fruition. The inventor Ramar Pillai is getting an international patent and is establishing a small plant in his home village. The claims of fraud seem to have had little effect on the regional government that has seen many demonstrations. Only one demonstration had failed in Deli, hundreds of miles away from the area where the plant grows. This implies that the active ingredients of the plant extract has a shelf life of only a few days or it is temperature sensitive.

            A news group has been running on the subject for several years since New Energy News last covered the subject. I have been active on the news group with several postings. The web address is:

            I believe that Ramar has discovered a plant that makes a hydrocarbon to repel insects and grazers. This is not unusual, as many plants are hydrocarbon rich for this reason. What is interesting is that this plant seems to make the hydrocarbon using a heat driven enzyme path-way similar to photosynthesis, with atmospheric CO2 as the carbon source and the water as the hydrogen source. Mr Ramar Pillai appears to have partly isolated the enxyme path-way and made it work in a simple chemical process. While his equipment is not much more than a cooking pot, most people forget that a beaker is just a glass cooking pot.

            Some have argued that there is a mass deficit because the measured mass of the water and hydrocarbon produced reportedly exceeds the mass of ingredients. The process should release more grams of oxygen than grams of carbon it takes in. One oxygen from the water and two from the CO2 it absorbs from the atmosphere per -CH2- unit of the hydrocarbon chain. Since the the oxygen lost from the water is heavier than the carbon gained, the mass of the total mixture should be decreased not increased.

            This may not be true if the process works like normal cellular processes. Little energy is required to strip a hydrogen off H2O leaving a hydroxide, OH-. It takes a lot of energy to strip the second hydrogen off a OH- to produce a free oxygen. Many cells simply discard the hydroxide and start out with another H2O. If free to react with each other, two OH- will react to produce oxygen and water, but since free oxygen would oxidize the hydrocarbon, the plant needs to segregate the OH- and the hydrocarbon. The plant dumps the OH- into the water beyond the cell or bind it to another ion to produce a long lasting chemical trap for it.

            If Ramar Pillai is able to chemically trap the OH- with an additive, he can get the hydrocarbon production to maximize without producing the oxygen from the water. Later additions of chemicals to the mix after the oxygen is extracted could liberate the oxygen. But since this is waste water to Ramar, he is not bothering the retrieve the oxygen. If the oxygen is easily retrievable from the waste water we have something that makes fuel from CO2 and water, while in step two it yields oxygen on demand, potentially reducing the costs of space craft life support systems.

            Ramar Pillai's reaction is heat driven so it is not a net energy source. It could convert almost any available heat source into an easy to burn fuel. This is a great break through for India assuming there are few limits to the supply of the key herb. India will need to look at protecting(and farming) the plant as well as the process.

            The next key area of work is to overcome the apparently limited shelf life of the plant extract. Mr. Ramar Pillai may have solved that problem already.

            I suggest we watch the work for further developments.

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            Jan. 11, 1999.

            "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards." -- Unknown

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              Originally posted by sallu123:

              I believe it is hydrogen extracted from water by reacting the water with some other compound/element. I am not sure however.
              and that would run a car for 5 years?


                This kind of energy is already in the pipeline in Iceland. If true, this will indeed be a revolution. I hope it goes through.

                In 1874 the science fiction writer Jules Verne envisaged a world in which water would replace coal as the fuel of the future.

                Now the Icelanders believe they can turn that dream into reality within a generation - and they are taking the first steps next year in their project to create the world's first hydrogen society.

                Iceland has already gone further than any other country in exploiting its abundant sources of renewable energy. Virtually all of its electricity and heating comes from hydroelectric power and the geo-thermal water reserves tapped from the hot rock layers lying just beneath the surface of this extraordinary island.

                But with no fossil fuel resources of its own, the country relies on imported oil to power all its cars, buses and fishing trawlers, which provide 70% of its income.

                Fuel cell key

                Despite its natural advantages, the small population (around 270,000 people) produces more greenhouse gas emissions per head than any other country.

                Iceland hopes to power its trawler fleet with hydrogen

                So Iceland's next energy revolution will be based on converting its own renewable energy into a form that can power its own transport system, slashing those emissions and ending its dependence on fossil fuels completely.

                The key to this change is the technology of fuel cells, in which electricity to power an engine can be generated by hydrogen and oxygen, with vehicle exhausts emitting only the most innocuous substance imaginable - water.

                But producing the hydrogen economically without creating more pollution in the process is one of the stumbling blocks in turning fuel cells into a genuinely clean alternative, and this is where Iceland believes it has a head start.

                It's about being independent and relying on ourselves to continue the way we live

                Maria Maack
                Iceland New Energy
                The pioneer of the hydrogen society concept is Professor Bragi Arnason of the University of Iceland in Reykjavik - who has now earned himself the nickname "Professor Hydrogen".

                He first put forward the idea of basing Iceland's economy on home-produced hydrogen back in the 1970s, and admits that at the time, people thought he was crazy. But politicians started to take a different attitude once major corporations started to visit his laboratories to hear more about his ideas.

                The idea at the heart of the project is that Iceland can use its pollution-free, cheap electricity to "split" water into its component parts of hydrogen and oxygen through the process of electrolysis, something it has already been doing for nearly 50 years at a plant producing ammonia for fertilisers.

                "Many experts say that in 20 or 30 years, solar energy could be harnessed in an economic way and turned into electric energy," Professor Arnason said. "In Iceland we don't have to wait for solar energy to become economic because we have this cheap hydropower and geothermal energy. We can start now."

                Iceland already harnesses the geo-thermal energy

                With the creation of a hydrogen economy now official government policy, the first concrete step will be the arrival of the first emission-free fuel cell buses on Reykjavik's streets.

                The idea is eventually to replace the capital's entire 80-strong fleet.

                They will be fuelled at a new filling station being built on the outskirts of the city by Shell, one of three major corporations putting money into the project.

                The hydrogen to power the buses will be produced on site, using clean electricity from the grid to split water.

                Spirit of independence

                The next stage will be the conversion of private cars on the island. Iceland's experts are also looking at the practicality of switching the huge trawlers that tie up at Reykjavik's fishing harbour to hydrogen power.

                My grandchildren, when they are grown up, will live in this new economy where Iceland will be totally independent of imported energy

                Bragi Arnason
                The project director of Iceland New Energy, Maria Maack, said: "We are so reliant on our fisheries, and the fisheries are totally dependent on oil. So we have a chance to be quite independent of this. It's not about the environment so much, it's about being independent and relying on ourselves to continue the way we live."

                That spirit of independence has already taken Iceland through two great energy revolutions in the past century.

                First, it exploited its vast hydroelectric potential to make electricity from the start of the 20th Century, and then in the 1940s it tapped the geothermal water supplies which now provide all of Reykjavik's heating needs and about 10% of the country's electricity.

                Professpr Arnason believes the third revolution is within sight.

                "People my age will see the first steps towards the hydrogen economy. My children will watch the whole transformation," he predicted.

                "My grandchildren, when they are grown, will live in this new economy where Iceland will be totally independent of imported energy, and where all the energy in the country comes from clean renewables."


                  Originally posted by who---me:
                  and that would run a car for 5 years?
                  Ask that question from the engineer who is saying he has invented such a fuel or the people who interviewed him, what do I know, I am not a mechanical engineer!
                  "When one bright intellect meets another bright intellect, the light increases and the Way becomes clear." - Rumi


                    I saw this guy on National TV around 4 / 5 years ago. He was until back then not working for the government, which now seesm to be the case. He did however reveal that day that the Japanese Ambassador on the direction of his government offered him 200 million rupees if he agreed to work for them. But he refused and asked the Pakistani Government that he be allowed to work for them. He also told that energy from a space equally to the chair he was sitting on could be harnessed to produce a lot of energy, I think he compared an area the size of a small crop field being able to produce enough energy as the Tarbela Dam.

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                      Pakistan99....mashAllah, your general knowledge is appreciated, thank you
                      "When one bright intellect meets another bright intellect, the light increases and the Way becomes clear." - Rumi


                        Pillai got busted when he tried to demonstrate it to IIT professors. May be this guy with tube gas should demonstrate it to them


                          if the guy is so good. where are the papers he would have written as proof of previous stages of research on which his idea was based...

                          he would have done something before he actually presented his idea to the funding parties..

                          I can claim that I have made such a device as well.. but would that make it so?

                          anyone ever heard of the "Perpetual Motion Machines"

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                            this is great news! so if we don't need oil anymore, what will happen to the middle east? how will Saudi's send money to madarassas?

                            Should I start stocking up on water in my garage? Looks like if I stock up about 10 gallons, I can produce enough electricity to supply NY city for 10 decades, give or take 3%

                            I say Mushy make him foreign minister after Sattar...atleast this guys makes up better stuff


                              I study A-Level Science and would like to add to this conversation actully what you all are talking about is called third energy a purely therioticall proposition that fule may be extracted from Ionised Hydorogen Molecules by super-reaction with another basic compound with a valency of 1/7 mabye i am not to good with Chem Tech but that in theory will and can work currently if anyone were to discover this i hope they plan to sell to the highest bidder this thing is a chemists goldmine poeple would pay this chap 45% rayalties just to use the formula this guy better register it with the FAS fedration of Associated Scientists in Genava......

                              Good Luck to Pakistan

                              By the way Herbal fuel dose really exist what in good gods name do you think Carbohydrates are if carbon levels are increased you see.....

                              And ohh yes the are 5 types of 3rd Energy i dont know all of them that is University Stuff but what i read i have explained (Source University of Illionis) Proff Vincent Goldman (MCA,Phs,MD)