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Inhuman treatment of victams families.

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    Inhuman treatment of victams families.

    [This message has been edited by Dugu (edited June 16, 2002).]

    [This message has been edited by Dugu (edited June 16, 2002).]

    Inna lilahahi Wa inna alihe rajeeon

    This is indeed very sad Dugu! I cannot believe on the stupidity of our Police men. I am very sorry to hear about the lost of your loved ones.
    There is'nt justice anywhere on this planet. You go back to Pakistan to chill and relax and you get to hear how many people passed away. I don't even bother touching the newpaper whenever i go back. Cause it makes me cry for hours.
    Do i love pakistan? do i want to go to Pakistan? At the moment i dont ever want to put my foot in that country again and i feel that sentiment will not change. It just hurts to much to think we can be treated like that...i am a very very disillouioned and angry Pakistani...if i still want to call myself that at all.
    Dugu! i do realize that you are upset and very furious. And at this very moment it is perfectly alright for you to get mad at the authorities and all those so called terrorists. Our country needs to learn so much and get civilized in so many aspects. I dont want to start that in this thread of yours, so we will leave this topic for some other time.

    I will remember them in my prayers. May Allah provide them with the blessing of Jinnah Ameen.

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