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US Backs Pakistan Over Al-Qaeda

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    US Backs Pakistan Over Al-Qaeda

    The facts are that I do not have evidence and the United States does not have evidence of al-Qaeda in Kashmir
    US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he has no doubt Pakistan would take action against al-Qaeda militants if they were found to be operating in Kashmir.
    But Mr Rumsfeld, apparently rowing back on earlier comments, said he had no direct evidence that members of Osama Bin Laden's network were active in the area.

    It tends to be speculative. It is not actionable. It is not verifiable," he told reporters after meeting President Pervez Musharraf in Islamabad.

    Pakistani officials have emphatically rejected Mr Rumsfeld's suggestions and complain in private that he has been duped by Indian propaganda.

    Mr Rumsfeld is in the region to try to further reduce the risk of India and Pakistan going to war over Kashmir.

    But the US is also anxious that tensions with India should not deflect Pakistan's efforts to hunt down al-Qaeda fighters near the border with Afghanistan.

    India has ruled out any deployment of American troops on its soil in the hunt against al-Qaeda or to play any monitoring role in Kashmir.

    It also says two of its soldiers have been killed by renewed Pakistani shelling across the border in Kashmir.


    I didn't cut and past whole story. You guys can read it.

    India has ruled out any deployment of American troops on its soil in the hunt against al-Qaeda or to play any monitoring role in Kashmir.
    First, they offer Americans to fight against Al-Qaeda providing troops and assistant.

    Now, denying?

    Double Standards. Simply, India Army has been opppressing Kashmiris and they don't want U.N forces to monitor in Kashmir.

    You can fool everyone but not Pakistan



      Looks like India got slapped by Donald Rumsfield.


        if this is true than so much more for the indian propaganda that alqaeda is everywhere in Pakistan and has influence or that some kind of fundamentalist are trying to takeover the country. A slap on the face of sharfoo the idiot and his bendovers.


          Cmon Now. Rummy never said that Al Qaeda was in Kashmir or Jammu in the first place. He has been consistent in saying that elements of Al Qaeda might be in K/J but that there was no hard evidence proving it, no estimation of numbers and no idea of specific location. Nor has Rummy given any indication whatsoever that if there are Al Qaeda in K/J that Pakistan is responsible for that or supporting them there.

          Since those cockroaches are most at home and most protected in areas of chaos, I think we can probably all agree that some number of Al Qaeda have most likely fled Afghanistan and the border regions for the floorboards in K/J. They will foment as much chaos as possible because that is in their interest. It is in the interest of India, Pakistan and the US to root them out if they are there and to squish them like they deserve.
          "I met the surgeon general - he offered me a cigarette. " --Rodney Dangerfield


            hahaha. First of all kashmiri mujahideen do get help from afghans, chehchens and other they ALWAYS have. It has nothing to do with the US, neither do those freedom fighters have any interest in the US. Kashmiri mujideen are connected to the Taliban and i'll go as far as saying even OBL. What does that have to do with anything? How many Alqaeda were suddenly in afghanistan anyways? not more than a few thousand arabs largely those who have been here since the time of the soviets.
            The problem is with an a-hole named Bush and his gung-ho war on "TERRorIsm", his axis of evils and nationalist eggheads like rumsfield and ashcroft. None, other than a few folks ever bothered with the U.S. Right now US has nothing todo in afghanistan fighting the arab alqaeda or anything of the accord, but, everything to do with sustaining its 3rdclass thugs wanted by UN for human war crimes and sustaining their dwindling government. Becaus e of its rhetoric it has opened an infamous door to abuse of humanity by world rogues such as Karimov, israel and india. It is a rhetoric called "bush doctrine".
            Rumsfield didnot have to say anytihng, everything has been said by Bush b4 blaming Pakistan for crossborder terroists and infiltration despite nil proof.

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