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india still hanging on to the idea....

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    Originally posted by 2bornot2b:
    Hindus are obviously using better form of contraceptive.

    Had the poor hindus not been castrated in droves during Indira Gandhi's now infamous Emergency, the hindus would have outgrown the muslims


      Originally posted by mufakkar:
      Maybe 300 years from now India would want to become Pakistan because everyone would be Muslim.....ever thought of that?




        donot delude yourself. There were apt signals about the Bangladesh issue right from 1947 which started out with the national language issue. Read the history of Shiekh Mujeeb.


          Originally posted by munnu:
          But whats the harm in it???
          We are same people, we have same language, same problems, same colour and many other similar things (and same corrupted government.)

          When people are talking about global economy, we are still fighting like fools, like kids.

          If the India were divided on the name of religions, it would have been a very big power by now.

          I think if the “Pakistan movement” was not started, there would have been no riots in 1940’s.
          These riots had poisoned the hindu-muslims relations in the subcontinent.

          I do not see any possibility of reunion of these two nations, but we can live in peace for humanity sake.

          But again this thing depends on the will of our leadership. Both sides show that they want peace, but one is sponsoring terrorism and other wants the piece of land back from him.

          You Bharatis are the world's most ignorant , living in fool's paradise. Bharats' tactics, whatever it applies, only cater to weeken Pakistan. This disscussion is useless with people who do not even know what's their real name is!!