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Spy plane made in israel-Al khalid fastest tank on subcontinent

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    Spy plane made in israel-Al khalid fastest tank on subcontinent

    The "Made in Israel' markings on the Indian unmanned reconnaissance drone shot down by Pakistani forces last week is just the tip of a very large iceberg of military cooperation between Tel Aviv and New Delhi, a friendship spurred by Israel's alarm at Pakistan's development of "the Islamic bomb." The spy plane was integrated with a network of six Israeli-supplied early warning stations, using the Green Pine radar system whose main purpose is to detect and monitor Pakistani missile launches. The overall system is known as "Homa" (Hebrew for the wall), and is linked to Israel's "Arrow" anti-missile missile. India is the only country to which Israel has supplied this very high-tech anti-missile system, although Tel Aviv has also agreed in principle to sell the system to its other regional friend, Turkey. So much U.S. technology (and finance) is in the Homa-Arrow system that Washington's formal permission is required for such sales -- and the United States is apparently stalling frantic Indian demands for the latest model, part of the pressure to persuade both India and Pakistan to step back from the brink in Kashmir. The pressure is paying off. India Monday agreed to lift the ban on Pakistani civilian flights over its airspace.

    An interesting little arms race is under way between Russia and Ukraine in the Indian subcontinent. It began in 1995 when Ukraine sold 320 of its T-84 main battle tanks, originally designed for the Soviet army, to Pakistan. Russia then offered to give India the technological edge by selling India its more advanced T-90S tanks, which are now being incorporated into Indian armored units. So now Ukraine is back in the escalation game, with a new $100 million contract to sell 285 engines and transmission systems for Pakistan's own new generation of tanks, the al-Khalid. Jointly developed by China and Ukraine for the Pakistan's forces, the al-Khalid is heralded as the fastest tank on the subcontinent, with the new 1,200-hp engine from Ukraine's Malyshev plant at Kharkov promising speeds above 65 kph.

    for pictures of Al-Khalid tank check this thread by Abdali in image forum:

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