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What is wrong with this logic?

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    What is wrong with this logic?

    The article below shows the logic being applied by a SHO. Is he going to get away with it, and will be reinstated? My elders tell me that from their experience, not only will he be reinstated but most likely receive a promotion for demonstrating logic skills!!! Is that even a remote possibility?

    Amar Jaleel
    A team of social workers and journalists called on suspended SHO Bagh Bahar. He had been charged with killing Qalandar Buksh, a suspect during interrogation in the lockup of his Police Station. Qalandar had stolen a nan (oven-baked bread), and was caught. The law-abiding citizens promptly beat him, and dragged him to the Police Station. SHO Bagh Bahar thanked the conscientious citizens, and put the victim in the lockup.
    After well past midnight SHO along with his tough constables commenced his famous (or notorious) interrogation. He relieved Qalandar of his torn clothes, and sprawled him on the floor and unleashed his dreaded litar (soaked leather soles put together) bashing on his skinny back and buttocks. A constable drew a thick cane drenched in lime, and began beating victim's feet. SHO Bagh Bahar interrogated him. Qalandar moaned and admitted to his stealing a loaf. The SHO kept insisting what else he had stolen? Qalandar had only one answer, "Nan, nan, nan."
    Qalandar was hung upside down from the ceiling. The cops put red chilli powder in his mouth, nostrils, and in his private parts, and lashed him. The SHO slapped him several times in the face and kept repeating his question, "What else have you stolen?" To volley of his questions he received a solitary answer in a broken voice, "Nothing but a nan, a nan, a nan." The SHO violently banged Qalandar's head against the rugged walls of the interrogation cell. Blood oozed from his head, ears, nose, and mouth. Thereafter, Qalandar did not talk. He had died.
    The cops unfastened dead Qalandar's feet, and put the rope around his neck, and left his dead body dangling from the ceiling. SHO Bagh Bahar there and then registered an FIR against Qalandar for committing suicide. To SHO's bad luck, entire awe-inspiring episode was unsuspectingly monitored by a forlorn soul who reported the matter to the press. SHO Bagh Bahar was suspended, and a departmental inquiry was instituted against him. His colleagues were sure, as in the past that Bagh Bahar would be honourably cleared of the charges, and would be reinstated in the service. It aroused curiosity among some of the social workers, and journalists. They formed a team, and called on the suspended SHO.
    Bagh Bahar had a broad smile on his stony face. He welcomed the team of the social workers, and the journalists. It is not possible to reproduce the entire conversation between the suspended SHO and the curious team. Extracts from the dialogue between the two parties would suffice.
    Team:- Is it true you beat Qalandar mercilessly?
    SHO:- (Laughed) How can you beat a person mercifully?
    Team:- Didn't you torture him?
    SHO:- What you call torture is a well-known scientific system of interrogation practiced from ages in all the Police Stations in Pakistan. (Laughingly) We call it our common cultural heritage.
    Team:- Since when rubbing salt in the wounds of a victim has become a scientific method of interrogation?
    SHO:- Doctors do not prescribe same medicine for the patients suffering from the same ailment. Quantity and the medicine administered to a patient depend on the severity of his malady. It differs from patient to patient. We do not necessarily rub salt in the wounds of all the suspects during our interrogation. Applied scientific methods during interrogation differ for each criminal.
    Team:- Don't you hang the suspects upside down?
    SHO:- It depends on the type of the suspect we deal with.
    Team:- We are talking about your last victim.
    SHO:- What do you mean by my last victim?
    Team:- Didn't Qalandar die during the interrogation?
    SHO:- Yes, he did die during the scientific interrogation.
    Team:- Then you admit you killed Qalandar!
    SHO:- (Rudely) just hold on. Are you all Muslims?
    Team:- With the grace of Almighty Allah we are Muslims.
    SHO:- Do you believe life and death of a person is in the hands of God?
    Team:- Yes, we do.
    SHO:- And, that the time and place of his death is preordained?
    Team:- It is.
    SHO:- Then how do you say I killed Qalandar! He did die in my presence. But, that doesn't mean I killed him. If your old mother-in-law dies in your presence would you be held responsible for her death?
    Team:- But, you were instrumental in Qalandar's death.
    SHO:- When a judge sentences a criminal to die at the gallows, would you say the judge was instrumental in the criminal's death!

    If you trying to be funny .Remember keep it SIMPLE stupid

    You look Marvellous