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Resolution against Pakistan in US Congress

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    Resolution against Pakistan in US Congress

    If you live in US, now is the time to act. And please make sure in next election that you don't vote for pro-Indian people in US congress.

    Resolution against Pakistan in US Congress

    From Afzal Khan
    WASHINGTON-Benjamin Gilman, chairman of the House Foreign Relations Subcommittee on South Asia and Middle East, has called a special hearing Thursday (today) on current crisis in South Asia amid a concerted move to pass an anti-Pakistan resolution in the House of Representatives.
    The House committee, which is packed with Pakistan-bashers and leading members of the India Caucus on the Capitol Hill like, will hear a panelists of experts on South Asia. Gilman is keeping the list of panelists close to his chest.
    Dr Nasim Ashraf, chairman of Human Development Cell, disclosed at a meeting of community leaders from across the United States that a bill or resolution censuring Pakistan for allegedly sponsoring cross-border terrorism in Kashmir holding it responsible for triggering current crisis in South Asia, is being sponsored by an influential lobby in the House of Representatives.
    A group or community leaders including Dr Arshad Mirza, Prof. Wasiullah and Dr Zaiur-Rehman which had called the meeting at the Capitol Hill talked to a number of Congressmen, senior staffers and a liaison officer from the White House conveying Pakistani communityís concern over attempts to whip up anti-Pakistan sentiments in the United States from the Congressional forum.
    The Bush administration officials and some senior Congressional leaders have reportedly reacted with disapproval the proposed resolution against Pakistan, particularly at a time when the administration is engaged in diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions between India and Pakistan.
    Dr Arshad Mirza told The Nation that the Pakistani-American group which represents several community organisations urged the administration and the Congressional leaders to help promote peace and de-escalation between India and Pakistan and engaged themselves in efforts to promote a settlement of the Kashmir issue.
    The issue was also agitated from the forum of Pakistan American Congress ( PAC) in its annual meeting here. The Congress represents nearly 47 community organisation across the United States. It held special meetings with senators and congressmen to discuss current dangerous situation on the Line of Control to galvanise support on the Capitol Hill for Pakistani position, PAC president Dr Nisar Chaudhry said here Wednesday.
    Ambassador Dr Maleeha Lodhi hosted a dinner in honour of PAC delegates Tuesday and appreciated the valuable support extended by Pakistani-community organisations like the PAC in projecting Pakistanís position in the United States.
    Kashmir Committee Chairman Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan also attended the dinner.
    All people are equal, but some are more equal than others. We call these "corporations."

    U.S Congress Against Pakistan

    So, wha?! First they need to fix CIA and FBI.

    Pak policies were written by Pakistan. Not by U.S Congress!