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Bus Plunges InTo Ravine: 43 Die

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    Bus Plunges InTo Ravine: 43 Die


    Pakistan - At least 43 people were killed and six injured when a passenger bus carrying pilgrims to a shrine near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad plunged into a ravine on Sunday, police said.

    The bus skidded off the Bakrala bridge near Jehlum, 100 km east of Islamabad and fell into a deep ravine, local police officer Malik Iftikhar said.

    "Initial reports said 43 people have died," he said.

    The bus, travelling from the eastern city of Lahore, was on its way to the shrine of Muslim saint Barri Imam, where annual religious ceremonies started on Monday.

    The ceremonies at Barri Imam shrine near Islamabad are attended by thousands of devotees.

    Traffic police chief Qalab Ali told reporters that 43 bodies had been recovered from the ill-fated bus but there were fears the toll may rise.

    "We have found slippers and shoes of some kids which indicates the vehicle was also carrying children who might have been trapped inside."

    An photographer at the site of the crash said the bus overturned after it rolled off the bridge. Police, local volunteers and army soldiers were involved in the rescue operation.

    An army crane was rushed from the nearby garrison town of Dina to pull the vehicle out of the ravine.

    Ali said the driver of the bus also died in the crash, which he said was caused by careless driving.

    "The accident occurred before dawn when the driver of the speeding bus was said to be half asleep," he said.

    "The driver lost control when the vehicle reached the bridge."

    Villagers who reached the area after receiving news of the accident offered their assistance in transporting the victims to hospital.

    Ali said 32 bodies had been taken to the state hospital in Jehlum and 11 others were in the Dina hospital. Twenty-two bodies have been identified so far.

    The police oficer said six people admitted to the Jehlum hospital were in critical condition. - Sapa-AFP


    I feel sory for these people, may god keep their souls.
    How odd though, if this were to happen in some other country people would be freaking out.. This is sad that in Pakistan, no one even thinks twcie about this.


      I blame the bus drivers in Pakistan... Race lagane ka shoq rakhte hain woh...


        Inalilah-e-Wa Ina ilayhay-rajaooN!


          Originally posted by Spock:
          I blame the bus drivers in Pakistan... Race lagane ka shoq rakhte hain woh...

          yeah i think truck and bus driver all over the world are same Jahil,

          I am here, i am there i am every where
          Khudi ko kar baland itna Ki har taqdeer sey pehley
          Khuda bandey ko khud poocchey Bata, 'Teri raza kya hai?