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Musharref must leave because...

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    Musharref must leave because...

    He kicked Nawaz sharif from the power!boy oh boy was that a sweet one

    He promised and assured all the "concerned" citizens of Pakistan that he will never allow Budnazeer bhutto and Nawaz sharif or any other corrupt politicians to run for the elections, go hell with the democracy when these corrupts abused it time and again.

    He ordered a crack down on the extreme religious parties that were responsible for sectarian killings and violence which btw Nawaz or Benazir never dared to make such move, I wonder why. We finally can hope the dejavu of terrorism and corruptions can come to a halt, wish that was done 5-10 years ago then today we would'nt have been dealing with these fanatics..Oh well its never too late

    After 9/11 Musharref made a most difficult and wisest decision to back US otherwise it could have lead Pakistan to a dreadful and irrecoverable downfall.

    The bomb blast in Karachi, Islamabad and the prevalent war situation didnt come to my surprise, it is bound to happen.
    Musharref is to be blamed for making a sincere effort to remove each and every dirt in our country,It is very difficult to be honest and sincere these days.The touble makers are scattered everywhere and will try their best to remove Musharref from power even at the expense of innocent civilan lives.

    Frankly speaking Musharref is our only hope and if he goes away,I'm afraid to admit we can never prosper, then we would be dealing with the likes of Nawaz and Benazir for another century and you know what does that mean!

    I hope Musharref remains strong and as Pakistanis we all should support him for his great stand against all types of terrorism whether it is in kashmir or US.

    Pakistan Zindabad

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    Well, I agree that things aren;t as rosy as we had hoped they would be by now...
    But Pres. Musharaf still inspires a lot of confidence in local and non residents alike.
    I dont think he should leave totally, he needs to be there when the country moves back into democracy, even for the sake of inspiring confidence in a badly shaken people..


      I believe under the present situation no one else could have handles the situation better than Musharraf himself.


        Musharraf is a better choice for Pakistan. Bush is a F!cking idiot! As an American, I back Pakistan.



          Musharaf is the right man for these times...

          General Musharaf kee Jai Ho!

          Pakistan Zindabad. God Bless America.

          You can only paint with the colors you're given...
 get what you like and like what you have.

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            Originally posted by An American Angel:
            Musharraf is a better choice for Pakistan. Bush is a F!cking idiot! As an American, I back Pakistan.




              Musharaff also kicked the civilians by fooling them with a farcial referendum.