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Pak gunners destroy enemy bunkers - Indian shells target civilians

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    Pak gunners destroy enemy bunkers - Indian shells target civilians,00.html


    Around the Indian bunkers on the slope of the Tilpatra ridge the woodland has been burnt away by days of Pakistani artillery fire. "They really got a good beating," said a grinning Colonel Naumann Saeed, the battalion commander on the Pakistani side at Chakothi.

    A year-long ceasefire collapsed last autumn and as the daily shelling intensifies the prospect of combat clearly thrills the young infantry officer. "Since September it has been pretty hot and it's getting hotter by the day," he said.

    India has threatened to launch punitive raids across the line after a series of Islamist militant attacks in Indian Kashmir blamed on Pakistan. Islamabad has promised a defiant defence and both sides are preparing dozens of nuclear warheads.

    The colonel is sanguine about the dangers ahead. "I personally feel you are going to die one day and I might as well do it in an honourable and graceful manner like this." ....

    ...Back at the calm of the machine-gun post at the Chakothi frontline, Brig Khan, promoted just two weeks ago, strolls confidently among his men in full view of the Indian gunners. He insists Pakistan can hold off any Indian attacks.

    "This is the beauty of defence in the mountains," he said. "You just need heart and lots of ammunition."


    India's war rhetoric is badly misfiring as Pakistan's superior targeting and razing of India's positions is clearly demonstrated. Pak moral appears to be sky high as Indian resolve wilts palpably.

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    Way to go Judge^Mentall. Just wait and watch for Indian comments about that. Sure, they gonna pin this news against Pakistan.



      Well you have to feel sorry for the sikhs and Dalits who make up most of the Indian army. 15 soldiers were killed by Pak gunners yesterday and all because the Hindutvas need to win the next election.

      We aim for their soldiers and they respond by firing on civilians. This is sheer cross border terrorism.