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Sikh Council of Khalistan congratulated Pak on Missiles test

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    Sikh Council of Khalistan congratulated Pak on Missiles test

    something i've been waiting for..

    WASHINGTON, May 30 (PNS): The Council of Khalistan has congratulated the people of Pakistan on the successful tests of their Ghauri and Shaheen missiles. These missiles are a shield that deters India from starting a war said Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh, President of the Council of Khalistan.

    The Council of Khalistan is the government pro temper of Khalistan, the Sikh homeland that declared its independence from India on October 7, 1987.

    The Council of Khalistan leads the Sikh Nation's struggle for independence.

    "India's hegemonic ambitions in the subcontinent are well known," said Dr. Aulakh. "If not for those Gauri and Shaheen missiles, India might have attacked already," he said.

    "An Indian Cabinet minister was quoted last year as saying that Pakistan must be incorporated into India."

    "If there is a war in South Asia, especially a nuclear war, the biggest losers are the Sikhs of Punjab, Khalistan and the Muslims of Kashmir, " Dr. Aulakh said.

    "There are at least a million troops, probably more, massed on the border. Punjab and Kashmir will be the battlefield, as they have been in the previous wars between India and Pakistan," he said.

    Dr. Aulakh cited today's Washington Times, which shows the proximity of Lahore, a stated Indian target, and Amritsar, the location of the Golden Temple and seat of the Sikh religion.

    The Golden Temple was invaded and desecrated by Indian military forces in June 1984. The two cities are just 33 miles apart. "The nuclear fallout would kill large numbers of Sikhs, Muslims, and others," he said.

    "According to the Times, there would be 122,000 immediate civilian deaths in Lahore and 112,000 in Amritsar," said Dr. Aulakh. "Millions of other people would die a slow death from India's military ambitions," he said.

    "The proximity of the cities shows that India plans to use this war to advance its efforts to wipe out Muslims, Sikhs, and other minorities in pursuit of its own hegemony in South Asia," he said.

    "If there is a war," Dr. Aulakh said, "Sikh should not fight for the Indian oppressors. This would only strengthen the efforts of the Hindu nationalists to build an Akand Bharat (Greater India)," Dr. Aulakh said. "Sikhs should take the opportunity to free their homeland, Khalistan, from Indian tyranny," he said.

    Last month, police stood by as militant Hindus attacked Muslims in Gujarat. Over 5000 people died, according to the Indian newspaper The Hindu.

    The Indian government paid twice as much compensation to the families of Hindus who were killed as it paid to Muslims who were killed.

    The Indian government has murdered over 250,000 Sikhs since 1984. Over 80,000 Kashmiri Muslims have been killed since 1988. More than 200,000 Christians have been killed since 1947, along with tens of thousands of Dalits, Tamils, Assamese, Bodos, Manipuris, and other minorities.

    Over 52,000 Sikhs are being held as political prisoners in India. Tens of thousands of other minorities are being held as well.

    Since Christmas 1998, a wave of violence against Christians has seen priests murdered, nuns being raped, churches being burned, Christian schools and prayer halls destroyed, and no one has been punished for these acts.

    Militant Hindu fundamentalists allied with the pro-Fascist RSS, the parent organization of the ruling BJP, burned missionary Graham Staines and his two young sons to death.

    "Freedom and self-determination are the birthright of all peoples and nations," Dr. Aulakh said. "India is prepared to start a war to eradicate that right," he said.

    Recently, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell said, 'the essence of democracy is the right to self-determination.' All the people and nations of South Asia must have self-determination now," Dr. Aulakh said.

    "India is on the verge of disintegration," he said. "Let us take advantage of this opportunity. Khalistan will be free by 2008."

    about time to divide arrogant bharat into lil tiny pieces..

    Shame on the Sikh leadership if they have done so!
    What they have done is despeakable, people who are not sincere to their own country, can never be sincere to others, so dont feel happy on whatever they have done.
    We may talk of disintegration of India, but as a matter of fact, a stable India will lead to a stable Pakistan, in case you do not tend to agree, understand the Domino Principle!
    I as a Pakistani firmly believe so!





        This guy Gurmit Singh Aulakh was on C-SPAN panel discussion yesterday in DC and he made a big fool of himself by stating creating countries for Sikhs, Nagas, Christians, Tamils, Bengalis, Manipuris, Dalits.

        Teresita Schaffer snubbed him.