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sharia and economics

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  • mAd_ScIeNtIsT
    Take a peek at this, it should answer a lot of your questions.

    Some more info can be found here

    As for working women,

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  • PyariCgudia
    started a topic sharia and economics

    sharia and economics

    Hey dudes,

    I was wondering at my job of how economics works within the shariat. Now I know the zakat system takes care of the poor. But just the fact that there is a zakat system tells me that not everyone is making the same amount of money or getting the same amount of resources from the govt as in marxist socialism. So how does the wage system work? I mean, do you as a businessman charge what you wish for your product, or servicemen for your service? Do people of different professions have different wages depending upon the skill involved? How is it all regulated? And do the caliphs and his folks up in the capitol determine who charges how much and who pays how much? And are women barred from working? And is there an age limit to how young you can be to work...

    and the biggest question of is this different from capitalism and socialism?