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Shariah or Western Capitalism for Pakistan ?

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    Shariah or Western Capitalism for Pakistan ?

    Most citizens of pakistan are muslims, followers of islam, however they are alligned to a whole spectrum of parties/groups/organisations with diferent views. Some of these groups would like to implement the shariah (god's law based on the quran and sunnah), whilst others would like to implement pseudo-capitalist or socialist systems (based on a secular outlook) in pakistan.

    so do pakistanis want a muslim majority state based on any system of law and moral code as long as it gives material success ?
    must this system correlate with its core islamic beliefs, system of law and moral code ?

    We must remember and take into consideration a few points.....

    Although as individual muslims we can strive to do as much as possible especially wrt personal ibadaat issues, however when it comes to muamalaat and societal issues these require a 'collective' agenda (emanating from Qunnah & Sunnah) and working bodies to achieve the greater common goals of the community.

    Can we articulate what the greater, common goals of muslims should be today, considering the current reality and desired position ?

    Was pakistan created for Muslims and Islam therefore, implementation of Shariah or ....?

    Surely, in light of the large problems facing the muslims globally today, they must return to the quran and the 'best example' to solve their collective issues ?

    Surely, these collective issues for 'islamically minded' muslims can only be truly achieved once the shariah has been implemented ?

    Surely, this would mean that we should be working (in addition to fulfilling other 'good deeds' within the community) with all those muslims who work unambigously for the implementation of shariah ? Are there any such groups/bodies in existence today ?

    Unless of course, people feel that ultimately the collective problems of muslims can be resolved by implementing some other system of life ?

    As most muslims today live under, work in and are educated within a capitalistic society then maybe that system should be totally implemented in all muslim countries without ambiguity, and we should stop pretending that we believe in islam as a complete way of life when in actual fact we don't (esp when it comes to actions).....we should act FOR islam or stop pretending we care.....!?

    Do we truly believe that islam CAN resolve the problems of mankind ? or at least muslims anyway ? do we REALLY believe that ?

    At a time when the geo-political situation is very poor for 'islamically-minded' muslims and the true focal point of 'the war against terrorism (vis-a-vis islam)' is being revealed as hypocricy, double standards and a facade....everybody needs to reflect and re-consider their outlook on life.........

    so what direction is the pakistani government taking ?

    what direction are the people of pakistan taking ?

    are they at one with each other or further apart than ever ?

    Do the people of pakistan desire shariah ? if so, then why do they vote for pseudo secular-socialist/capitalist parties in elections....?

    should the people of pakistan be 'returned' to the true nature of their islamic belief and creation of pakistan....or should pakistan be allowed to steer a course anyway, anywhere where the personal desires of its leaders take them ?

    Should we not turn pakistan into an islamic state
    or alternatively,
    a true capitalist state like USA..and gain all the economic and political benefits ?

    Since the desire of most pakistani's is to emigrate to the west esp the USA....then instead of messing around and having a 'brain drain' whereby the intelligentsia are leaving pakistan ... we should stop this exodus.....why not bring USA capitalism and its culture to pakistan !?????

    What is the way forward for pakistan ?

    Will the current anti-islamic stance of the pakistani government ultimately backfire ?
    will pakistan succeed in becoming another turkey ?

    can any nation succeed which gives up its core values, beliefs, principles and outlook on life for something alien ?

    have muslims failed islam in pakistan
    has islam failed muslims ?

    most educated pakistanis given a choice
    where they will head west or other countries.


      Originally posted by rvikz:
      most educated pakistanis given a choice
      where they will head west or other countries.
      First of all, that is so for many, but not most.

      Secondly, Indians die to get visas for the west!!


        Western Capitalism works...lets be practical.