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All Indian Cities in Range.

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    All Indian Cities in Range.
    All Indian cities in range.
    ISLAMABAD Pakistans newly-tested Hataf-V (Ghauri) missile with a range of 1,500 km covers all the major Indian cities and now Islamabad defence capabilities are beyond anyones doubt.
    Every Indian city is within the range of our missile capabilities and New Delhi never remains our problem as Pakistan has already shown to the world about its unprecedented defence related achievements, Former Chief of ISI Lt Gen. (Retd) Hameed Gul said while talking to The Nation here Saturday night.

    Pakistans defence capabilities are beyond any doubt and we were already capable to hit any Indian city with our missiles, he further said.
    He said that Pakistan did not need any missile or nuclear weapons against India as its army was fully capable to wage an effective war against enemy.
    Our enemy knows that New Delhi never remains Pakistans problem and it will never be able to harm us, he said, adding in same breath that India always toed Washingtons line of action.
    If Islamabad has decided to show any resistance to USA then we welcome this decision of the government to go ahead with the missile tests, he said and alleged that the Musharraf government did not take any step against the will of Americans after 9/11 incident.
    The former ISI chief said that it was need of the hour to achieve internal national cohesion and put minimum moral resistance against United States in our country. We must put our whole efforts to resist Washingtons actions against humanity and Islam, he further said.
    He said that United States and India had joined hands against Pakistan and Islam as New Delhi knew it very well that it could not even have a courage to do any misadventure against Pakistan.
    Indian Premier Atal Behari Vajpayee knows very well about defence capabilities of Pakistan, he added.
    There is dire need that Pakistan should reject certain American pressures and General Musharraf must come out with resistance against Washingtons wrong policies, he suggested.
    The missile tests have given a message to the enemy that Pakistan is fully capable to defend any imposed external aggression and can respond with full force and effectively if attacked.
    These views were expressed by former federal minister, Mushahid Hussain, strategic expert, Agha Shahi, and Lt Gen. (Retd) Talat Masood while talking to The Nation here on Saturday.
    Pakistan Saturday test fire Hataf-V (Ghauri) missile which has brought all major cities of India within its firing range.
    While talking to The Nation, Mushahid Hussain said that the timing of the Ghauri missile test by Pakistan is intended to send multiple messages to different communities. For the people of Pakistan, he said it is meant to raise morale and revive confidence of the people in the ability of Pakistan to hit back at any Indian aggression.
    Again, it is a message to India that should it attack Pakistan, we have the capacity to strike back at their major urban centres with our own massive military might., he added.
    He further said: It is a message to the international community that the situation in South Asia is dangerous and could spin out of control, hence they should actively interfere to promote peace and dialogue between Pakistan and India.
    Agha Shahi, an intellectual and strategic expert told The Nation that by carrying out these missile tests, the strategic position of Pakistan will be maintained. We have done it for our defence., he added.
    While talking about Indias reaction, he said that India has carried out a number of such tests about which we had always apprised the international community. So now they have to accept it.
    The most important thing by carrying out these tests, is to show that Pakistans nuclear defence capability is strong and is able to defend its boundaries.
    While Gen. (Retd) Talat Masood was of the view that the tests of these missile by Pakistan, gives three significant messages which includes that it will boost the symbolic and motivational level of our military.
    Secondly, he added These tests give us technical validation of our missile production and finally it is a clear signal to India that we are a professional army and we can damage you a lot by reaching your military and population targets.
    He further said: Also it is a message to the whole world that dont keep pressing us, but it should also press India to initiate dialogue process. International community must understand that we are just reacting, he maintained.

    Missile can hit target upto 2400km.

    Our Monitoring Desk adds: In an interview with BBC, Talat Masood maintained that the Ghauri missile which Pakistan test-fired on Saturday, can hit a target at a distance of 1600 km but its range

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    A Faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.

    That is good news..