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I need some advice - please help

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    I need some advice - please help


    My family (ie. mother and sister) are planning on going to karachi for a month in the summer. The question i want to ask is - how safe is it right now -- i'm hearing conflicting reports from family / friends. If any one of you have been there or have heard something about the halaat after the recent attacks on the french over in front of Sheraton hotel...please let me know. Perhaps this thread belongs in some other forum -- mods, direct it as u choose.

    I've heard rumours of that every house is being robbed, and that the maasis and servants are even more than ever providing secrets to the dacoits of which house is housing visiting american-pakistani!

    Plus with the whole war threat on...i'm really worried for their safety.
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    PCG, I have never been to Karachi but I think that when one's life is going to end it will end, whether in Pakistan or abroad. People have been living in Karachi, and other parts of Pakistan and they have seen worst times than these. Therefore I dont think that the present situation should prevent them from visiting Pakistan.


      I went to Karachi last year in March I loved each and every minute.

      go go go go


        ASa general rule when there is no news or no bad news from the place you are going to ..IT TURNS OUT TO BE BAD by the fact that you did NOT expect it .If you know there is some lawklessness going on you are care full.You should remember your family is never the target so they just have to prevent being caught in between so to say & that they will knowing how bad things are from here

        Western press generally reflect a western perspective ,Like if a foreigner were to go & not knowing the language custom & the in and around the place .

        This is a general advice for whole subcontinent for locals returning .Of course if you ask immigration &foreign service or travel advisory they will give danger sign to go to any muslim country for now !!

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