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IMRAN KHAN latest interview about his views on different things

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    IMRAN KHAN latest interview about his views on different things

    "Gujarat Has Shattered The Myth Of Indian Secularism"
    Imran Khan talks about his dreams, ties with India and his love for Musharraf.


    Imran Khan could swing the red cherry either way. At will, often devastatingly. But swinging the Pakistani electorate to his worldview hasn't been easy?his Tehrik-e-Insaf came a cropper in the last general election. Famed for his ability to overcome insurmountable odds on the cricket field, Imran Khan has been lately demonstrating some of his indefatigable sprit in the political field. He endorsed Gen Musharraf's referendum, sparking speculations that he was dreaming to become prime minister. Imran Khan talks to Mariana Baabar about his dreams, and his love for Musharraf.

    What made you support Musharraf in the referendum?
    As a democratic political party, we discussed the referendum issue at length and finally came to a political decision.

    "For Pakistanis, the only hope lies in the Election Commission not allowing the super crooks to enter Parliament."

    Our dilemma was that if we had opposed the referendum, it would have strengthened political forces that have brought Pakistan to its knees because of their corruption and incompetence. Since the genesis of our party was to introduce a new democratic culture of tolerance and accountability

    of the ruling elite, we could not identify ourselves with regressive political forces. The decision was essentially based on the hope that the present government would, after holding the referendum, move rapidly towards real democracy.

    What do you think about allegations of large-scale irregularities in the referendum?
    There is wide disparity between the claims of the government and the opposition parties regarding the turnout and the transparency of the referendum. Newspaper reports portray a less than credible process. Since we are fast approaching the October general elections, it is essential that the credibility of the Election Commission should be beyond any doubt. Therefore, I think the Election Commission should investigate charges of malpractice to remove doubts regarding the fairness of the referendum.

    Don't you think your support to Musharraf is tantamount to working against democracy? Or, is it that you feel Pakistan needs a kind of 'guided' democracy?
    Democracy is a much-abused term in Pakistani politics.
    Under democratic facades, our rulers trampled democratic institutions and played havoc with democratic norms of tolerance and fair play. True democracy demands that political parties operate democratically, but the two major political parties are run by their leaders as personal fiefdoms. For example,

    "Democracy is a much-abused term in Pakistan. our rulers have played havoc with norms of tolerance and fair play."

    despite being in self-imposed exile in Saudi Arabia, Nawaz Sharif is in charge of his party through remote control. Similarly, how can the PPP claim to be a democratic party when its leader Benazir Bhutto has been declared life chairperson?

    Democratically-elected prime ministers in the past have failed because of poor performance. Once an elected prime minister delivers the goods by sincerely implementing the party's manifesto, no head of the army would ever intervene because the public would defend a popular government. Look at what happened in Venezuela: a popular leader was removed in a coup and yet within days the people came out in the streets to restore him to power.

    In Pakistan, democratic facades have tumbled in the past without a whimper of public resistance, because people did not own the democratic process. This democracy had lost the great feature of democracy?its self-corrective process. Every election throws more of the same. This doesn't in any way imply that democracy has no future in Pakistan. It only strengthens the argument that the fundamentals for a free democratic society were never allowed to flourish.

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    "Gujarat Has Shattered The Myth Of Indian Secularism"

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    You have been eagerly backing Musharraf from the time he came to power. Some say this is because you can't politically achieve anything substantial on your own.
    Our posture with regards to the policies of the present government has been providing 'issue-based' rather than 'carte blanche' support.We supported President Musharraf's seven-point agenda, as it was part of our manifesto. However, our party has criticised the government's economic policies. For example, while the ordinary people did not benefit from the loans borrowed by successive corrupt regimes, they still have to bear the burden of repayment because of the harsh conditions the IMF and the World Bank have imposed. We have opposed the selective accountability process, which has allowed leading public defaulters to use the plea bargain mechanism and avoid the accountability net.

    Our only expectation of the government is that it would strengthen the Election Commission so that it effectively enforces electoral laws. The EC must ensure the elimination of the corrupt from the electoral race. The cliché that let the awam hold politicians accountable is fundamentally flawed. If that was the case, why are political leaders in the west held accountable by their judicial systems for misdemeanors that are trivial by our standards? For example, why did President Nixon resign under threat of impeachment despite getting a landslide second term in office? Obviously, successful democracies value the rule of law without exceptions. In Pakistani politics, money means power and power means the ability to victimise political opponents through the thana, kutchery and patwaris. Therefore, the pattern in the last 15 years has been to spend millions of rupees in the elections, come to power, and then proceed to make billions. Whenever anyone attempts to hold them accountable, they protest that democracy is being threatened. The traditional politician knows fully well that the awam cannot afford to be on the losing side. Hence the feudal culture.

    Would you take the prime minister's post if it comes your way?
    If my sole ambition in politics was to gain power by hook or crook, I would have taken the easier route. In the late 1980s, I was offered the post of a federal minister by the late President Gen Zia-ul-Haq. In 1996, our barely four-month-old party was offered 30 National Assembly seats by Nawaz Sharif's PML(N). I'm one of the few politicians who does not need politics to be a success in life. Our country needs radical reforms, which cannot happen without destroying the status quo with the power of the people.

    Assuming that you are elected prime minister, what would be your first important policy decision?
    To build trust between the government and the people. This would be only possible if our words match our actions. Some of the first policy measures would include declaring an "education emergency" to mobilise all our human and material resources. The judiciary would be freed from the clutches of the executive by setting up a judicial commission comprising honest individuals who would cleanse the judiciary and make this vital institution truly independent. The utility rates would be stabilised and the policy of regressive indirect taxation would be reversed.

    Should Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif be allowed to return?
    Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto fled the country on their own, basically to seek refuge from the accountability process. Ms Bhutto is in self-exile and seeking a deal with the military government before returning home. The Supreme Court never acquitted her but ordered a retrial. She chooses to stay outside the country and uses the party to blackmail the government. In credible democracies, their parties would have suspended them till the time they were cleared by the courts of corruption charges.

    Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the judiciary has never been able to convict those in power, subordinate as it always has been to the executive. Each time Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto came to power, all corruption charges against them were dropped.For Pakistanis, the only hope of true democracy lies in the Election Commission not allowing the super crooks to enter Parliament.

    How free would you be in trying to improve relations with India?
    I think the failure to live in peace has much to do with the poor quality of leadership that the people of South Asia have had to endure. The people of Pakistan and India want to live in peace. It is the responsibility of the leadership to create the necessary environment for peaceful co-existence. As long as there is a leadership in India preaching communal hatred, the people on both sides of the border would remain hostage to the politics of hatred. What has happened in Gujarat has all but shattered the myth of Indian secularism. Indian leadership must undergo a soul-searching exercise before communal fires destroy the very edifice of a tolerant society that its founding father Gandhi envisioned for India.

    As a first step towards mending fences, the leaders of the two countries must demonstrate a desire to deal with the Kashmir issue as it entails the fundamental human and sovereign rights of the Kashmiri people. Unless it's resolved on a just basis, I see continuing tension between the two countries and an unbearable drain on the limited economic resources of both Pakistan and India.

    A pro-government alliance has just been formed and you stayed out, why?
    Alliances can only be successful if the component parties share a common vision for the future.

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    Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure

    I like Imran Khan, although some his ideas are not in line with my own, particularly conerning religion and its role in Pakistan, he is perhaps the best potential leader as I see it.


      I like Imran Khan 2. He's one of the few honest men out there...

      anyway, what are his ideas on religion that you disagree with?
      I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.


        Imran Khan


          I liked Imran's comments but where's the LINK of his interview

          Take Your Best Shot At Me


            Imran may be a good person but is not capable of leading such a volatile nation.. he can be thrusted upon peopel of Paksitan but peopel would never elect him.. he was not able to win his own seat in election.. highly wired political scenerio is entirely different than leading best men in game and winning..
            Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.


              Originally posted by Pakistani Tiger:
              I liked Imran's comments but where's the LINK of his interview

              Take Your Best Shot At Me
              Sorry i missed to include .....


              Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure

              Also three times this info was deleted by Pak org .PROOF OF INDIAS SECULARISM WITH AN ATTITUDE.If Shabana & her father had given 1/2 as much to any place they would be no less than honorable citizen rather than suspect muslims

              Subj: [SASIALIT] Protest against Azmi at "Riot" reading
              Date: 5/18/2002 7:29:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
              From: [email protected]
              To: [email protected]
              Received from Internet: click here for more information

              Shabana Azmi will read from "Riot" in NY. The following is one Mr.Narain
              Kataria's appeal against Azmi, Tharoor, "Riot" etc. Below that is Vijay
              Prashad's article about this appeal.


              41-67 Judge Street (#5P)Elmhurst, N.Y. 11373(718) 478-5735


              Shabana Azmi has been invited by some of her Communists-Islamists
              friends to talk about Ayodhya, Gujarat and Babri Maidan. We have decided
              to stage a boisterous demonstration against her with a view to expose
              her anti-Indian activities.

              You are kindly requested to participate in the demonstration. We have
              obtained Police permission to do so. The date, time and location of the
              demonstration are as under:

              Date: May 21st (Tuesday)Location: 65 Fifth Avenue, between 13th and 14th
              Time: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

              If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the

              Brotherly yours,

              Narain Kataria

              Shabana's bio-data

              Shabana Azmi, daughter of Kaifi Azmi and Shaukat Azmi, both hard core
              Communists, is again in USA. Last time, when she was here, there were
              protests in many cities against her. Ostensibly, she has come to read a
              passage from "Riot" a book written by infamous Hindu-hater, Shashi
              Tharoor . [Mr. Tharoor has done more damage to Hindu society and India
              than Pakistan by publishing anti-Hindu and anti-Indian articles in
              mainstream media.] But behind this façade, there is an ignoble intent
              and a hidden agenda hatched by deadly combine of Marxist-Islamists to
              denigrate Hindus, discredit India and strain Indo-American relations.
              This time, she has come to wash dirty linen in public at the invitation
              of her leftist friends, having closer links with Islamic fundamentalists
              in this country. In the interest of national security, both, Government
              of India and FBI should keep a watch on the contacts of this
              sophisticated woman.

              This notorious woman has soft corner for Islamic militants and Talibans.
              In order to protect Islamic terrorists, she unsuccessfully tried to
              block the passage of Prevention of Terrorist Act in Indian Parliament.
              For the same reason, she condemned American attack on Talibans. She is a
              very controversial and cunning person. This time, it seems, she is on a
              mission to create communal conflict and discord between Hindus and
              Moslems living in peace and harmony in this country.

              Being a professional actress, she is very good at acting. She uses her
              charm to hoodwink gullible Indian-Americans in believing that she is a
              liberal Moslem woman. She practices sophistry and stratagem with equal
              vehemence. In India, she hobnobs with followers of Lenin and Stalin.
              When in USA, she struts around as a progressive Moslem women. It may
              sound paradoxical, but, in fact, at heart, she is a strange blend of a
              fundamentalist Moslem woman and a diehard Communist, out to defame
              Hindus and tarnish the image of India.

              This crafty woman suffers from Hindu phobia and needs urgent counseling.
              At the mention of the word "Hindu", Shabana plunges into spontaneous
              rage and starts hurling scurrilous innuendoes on Hindus. She uses her
              dramatic skills to belittle and denigrate Hindu civilization. All her so
              called cultural and social activities (including Narbada Bachao Andolan
              and upliftment of slum-dwellers in Mumbai) are calculated to slander
              Hindus and create disdain in the younger generation for their Hindu
              heritage. With a view to insult Hindus, in the movie "Tumhari Amrita",
              Shabana played the role of a characterless Hindu woman addicted to
              drinking and many other vices, begging a married Muslim man to have sex
              with him. In "Fire", the two lesbian girls were deliberately and
              mischievously named Radha and Sita. In "Earth", she played the role of a
              Hindu widow in Varanasi 100 years ago.
              She is always in the forefront of anti-Hindu activities. She had taken a
              leading role in Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust ("SAHMAT", a fundamentalist
              Islamic group) exhibition, in which Hindu deities were ridiculed and
              Bhagwan Ram and Mother Sita were depicted as brother and sister.

              Shabana is born with an animus against Hindu society. She is a
              hypocrite. Whenever Hindus are terrorized by Islamic militants, she
              either goes underground or maintains sphinx like silence. The following
              are a few examples: (a) when more than 500,000 Hindus and Sikhs were
              ethnically cleansed from Kashmir and Afghanistan, (b) in 1993, when more
              than 400 Hindus were blown to bits in Bombay, (c) in 1998, 50 Hindus
              were bombed in Coimbatore, India, and (d) on February 27, 2001, 60
              innocent Hindu women and children were burnt alive by Islamic
              terrorists.In the backdrop of what has been said above, it is crystal
              clear that Shabana is a very dangerous woman and has the potential to
              create trouble in the society. It is not understood on what grounds this
              vicious lady has been allowed by American Embassy to come to this
              country and pollute the peaceful atmosphere.

              [This message has been edited by Fatimah (edited May 19, 2002).]