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American - Indian axis against Pakistan

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    American - Indian axis against Pakistan

    Bush's war on terrorism is a war on Muslims. Therefore America is working to strengthen India knowing that the kafir Hindus are obvious allies as proven by their tyranny in Gujarat and Kashmir. In her recent visit, US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia, Christina Rocca, said to the Confederation of Indian Industry, "The larger, long-term goal is much more ambitious and is based on strategic, diplomatic and political co-operation as well as sound economic ties." May's Indian and American joint war exercise in Agra reflects a growing strategic co-operation between the two countries, and the "most topical area", according to Christina Rocca, of the emerging partnership is related to military-to-military relations. Rocca said, "I anticipate more (military) exercises to follow Agra."

    The Pakistani government wrongfully downplayed the Agra exercises so as to defend its pro-American stance; ISPR Spokesman General Rashid Qureshi commented, "But they pose no threat to the country's security." This is clearly wrong. India stood to gain a lot from what were the first joint military exercises with America in nearly four decades. Firstly, India was exposed to the American style of warfare at close quarters. India's enemy Pakistan is American trained, which means that India can become better able to predict Pakistan's moves. Secondly, India already has the Russian style of warfare and by learning a new style she will expand her tactical capability. Thirdly, this is only the beginning of American-Indian co-operation. The next war game exercises are to be held in Alaska, whose terrain is similar to Siachen, where Hindus have been fighting Muslims since 1984. Qureshi is a military man who is aware of such facts, hence the government's downplaying of the Agra exercises is nothing short of deception.

    The Foreign Office Spokesman, Aziz Khan, even suggested something to make matters worse for Pakistan, "And exercises between Pakistan and American forces are being contemplated." As if the US-Indian exercises weren't bad enough, the government proposes that America should gain intimate knowledge of Pakistan's war strategies and tactics! The reality of exercises is that Pakistani officers are given scenarios, such as attacking Lahore airport or Sialkot Cantt. and are asked to prepare plans. America then has access to these plans which is bad news when one considers that Defence Undersecretary Douglas Feith confirms that India and US have signed an agreement on securing shared defence information.

    Clearly, allying with America will only bring Pakistan ruin and bitter betrayal as has been the case throughout the last fifty years. Allah (swt) revealed in an ayah whose meaning can be rendered in English as:

    "O you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies as friends, offering them love, even though they have rejected the truth that has come to you." [TMQ al-Mumtahana:1]

    Say what you want, but it was the US that prevented a war b/w pak and india a few months back... India was quite content on attacking...