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    Karachi Bombing Discussion

    Kindly, refrain from finger pointing until all the facts are know, and keep this discussion within the parameters of civility. It's a tragic event and condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones.

    Wednesday, 8 May, 2002, 06:46 GMT 07:46 UK
    Karachi bus blast kills 12

    The bus was completely destroyed

    Twelve people have been killed in a suicide attack on a bus in Pakistan's port city of Karachi.

    Ten of the victims are French workers for a construction company and the other two are Pakistani, one of whom is thought to have been the suicide attacker.

    I was just standing on the street and the noise was so loud it was frightening

    Police officer Munir Sheikh Police say the bus - which belonged to the Pakistani navy - exploded after being hit by a car driven by the attacker outside the Sheraton Hotel in the centre of Karachi.

    The bus, which was on its way to the city's dockyard, was ripped apart by the violent explosion.

    Loud explosion

    Another 20 people were injured when the powerful bomb shattered the bus, creating a large crater, witnesses said.

    "The sound was so loud I think you could have heard it from 10 kilometres (six miles) away," a police officer at the scene, Munir Sheikh, said.

    "I was just standing on the street and the noise was so loud it was frightening."

    Most of those on board were French nationals working for a company constructing submarines for the Pakistani navy.

    We cannot rule out the involvement of al-Qaeda

    Sindh police chief Kamal Shah The French President, Jacques Chirac, has strongly condemned the attack and is said to have ordered his defence minister to leave for Karachi.

    In his statement, President Chirac said he "unreservedly condemns this despicable act, which nothing can justify".

    Initial reports had suggested the victims were Germans but the German embassy in Pakistan said none of its nationals were affected.

    It is not yet clear who is behind this attack.

    But police said they would investigate possible links between the bombers and the al-Qaeda network as well as Pakistan's regional rival, India.

    "We cannot rule out the involvement of al-Qaeda, but our suspicions are across the border. I am pointing towards India," the Reuters news agency quoted Sindh province police chief, Kamal Shah, as saying.

    Cricket tour called off

    The New Zealand national cricket team, who were staying in a nearby hotel, were due to begin a five-day test match in Karachi on Wednesday.

    General Musharraf has banned several extremist groups

    But the team's manager, Jeff Crowe, said they would call off their Pakistan tour and head back home.

    Karachi has been the scene of many sectarian killings recently but there have only been a few incidents of foreigners being targeted.

    The American journalist Daniel Pearl disappeared in Karachi in January while researching a story on Islamic militants and a video of his killing was later handed to the United States consulate.

    In March, two Americans were among five killed when attackers threw grenades at a church in the diplomatic enclave of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

    Pakistan's President, General Pervez Musharraf, has been cracking down on extremist religious groups and banned five of them in January.

    Great, like I said before, take the fundos and shoot them. We don't need or want stuff like this happening. We already have problems with the International Community, this will only make things worse. I hope some of the mullahs had a friggin brain so that they could actually do things properly for once.

    Edit: Changed some words around.

    Iím just a freedom fighter
    No remorse
    Raging on in holy war
    Soon thereíll come a day
    When youíre face to face with me

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    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Can Indian involvement be not ruled out? After all, I am sure they would try absolutely anything to try to undermine the integrity and stability Pakistan.

      I suggest that the General should take the state of alert to the highest level, place his finger within close proximity of the "fire" button and demand the capture of the Indian terrorists and key intelligence members concerned.

      Maybe to emphasise how serious he is, the artisans of Lahore can sew a large cloth covering and place it over the minar in case it becomes visiable to the IAF pilots, not that they would have any chance of getting across the border in the first place.

      But seriously, I do think that India is invovled. But as always, each and every futile attempt has resulted in the advantage being in Pakistan's favour.

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        Bomb almost kills Pak cricket team!

        Players speak of near miss

        The blast occurred in front of a nearby hotel

        Pakistan's cricketers on Wednesday described their narrow escape when a bomb blast shattered the windows of their hotel as they prepared for the second Test against New Zealand.
        The blast, in Karachi, killed 11 people, although no cricketers are reported hurt, and the tourists decided to fly home immediately.

        "I am lucky that I was not in my room and was having breakfast - my room is totally destroyed," all-rounder Shahid Afridi said.

        "When I heard the sound I rushed to the site of the bomb and saw many bodies lying there," he said.

        When I heard the blast I thought it was an earthquake

        Saqlain Mushtaq
        Pakistan's express bowler Shoaib Akhtar was trapped in his room in the Pearl Continental hotel after the nearby blast, but survived unscathed.
        "It took us 10 minutes to open Shoaib Akhtar's room, it's destroyed," said vice-captain Inzamam-ul Haq.

        "After offering prayers I was about to leave the room when I heard the blast and it was really shocking."

        The New Zealand team were on the third floor of the hotel in a wing not facing the road, and escaped injury, although physiotherapist Dayle Schakel received cuts from flying glass on his hand and arm.

        "It's very uncomfortable for the players and all those back home are terrified and are worried about our welfare," coach Denis Aberhart said.

        PCB 'disgusted'

        Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) director Brigadier Munawar Rana said a decision to cancel the tour had been taken after mutual consultation between the PCB and the New Zealand Cricket (NZC).

        "We are disgusted because this leaves us in an embarrassing position.

        Given the time frame it would be inappropriate to lock into a position today

        ACB cheif executive
        James Sutherland
        "We provided the New Zealand team with the best security but this was beyond our control and is very sad.
        "It's too early to say that other teams will stay away from touring Pakistan but we need to make all-out efforts and we know it will be tough."

        Rana added cancelling the remainder of the tour would cause more financial losses for the PCB, which has already lost more than $10 million (£6.8m) in potential revenue since September 11.

        Australia are scheduled to tour Pakistan is September and October.

        And Australian Cricket Board (ACB) chief executive James Sutherland said that plans would be reviewed.

        "With some months to go before we travel to Pakistan the situation is clearly quite fluid," he said.

        "Given the time frame it would be inappropriate to lock into a position today. This process allows us to make well-informed decisions closer to the time.

        "The ACB will continue to receive advice from the relevant experts to help the Board make a proper judgement on the situation in Pakistan."

        Six weeks ago, the ACB cancelled the Australian team's tour to Zimbabwe after deciding the risk was too great following political unrest in that southern African country.

        'Safety paramount'

        International Cricket Council (ICC) president Malcolm Gray described the blast as another blow for cricket in Pakistan.

        "At the moment everything's up in the air, as it has been since September 11th," he said.

        Gray admits there are problems with neutral venues

        "We're constantly working with Pakistan to restore normality but this is another blow, and in addition there is the political problem with India that stops them going there."

        Gray said he understood that Australia had been fully committed to their trip but that they had now been put on the back foot.

        "Ultimately administrators have got to have the safety of the players and officials as of paramount importance," he went on.

        The world's governing body agreed in October to allow Tests to be played at neutral venues.

        But Gray conceded that the first such series, between Pakistan and West Indies in Sharjah in February, had been problematic.

        "We recognise that the commercial ramifications are not as good as they could be and we're still looking at a compensation fund for when this occurs."

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            Well firstly, sincere condolences to the bereaved families.
            "Words are poor comforters, the heart knows its own sorrow."
            The French killed so butally were the technicians who were in Pakistan for the Agosta Submarine project on which 2 submarines were actually delivered to Pakistan and the third one was supposed to be indigenously manufactured on a B.O.T basis and to be launched in July 2002. So I guess that this now in the doldrums as all the remainig foreignerw have left.
            So can it be called an Indian conspiracy???
            Let the people be the best judge of that.
            And regarding the bulls**t that our government gives regarding the crushing of such elements with an "Iron hand", dont believe it guys cause that Iron hand is too heavy to move!
            What were all the civil and military agencies doing while such an event was being planned by these terrorists, the govt. should justify that firstly!


              Fall out from this barbaric attack against innocent people. This is not good for Pakistan

              Singapore Airlines suspends flights to Pakistan

              (Updated at 1400 PST)
              SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines said on Wednesday it was suspending flights to Pakistan after a car bomb explosion killed at least 14 people, including 10 French nationals, in Karachi.

              "Because of the prevailing security situation in Pakistan, Singapore Airlines (SIA) will suspend its services to Karachi and Lahore from Friday 10 May until further notice," the airline said in a statement.

              Pakistan stocks end down three pct on bomb attack
              (Updated at 1600 PST)
              KARACHI: Pakistani stocks closed down almost three percent on Wednesday as retail investors sold blue chips after a suicide bombing in Karachi killed 10 French nationals and two locals, dealers said.

              The benchmark Karachi Stock Exchange's key 100-share index closed down 54.91 points, or 2.98 percent, at 1,789.90 points to hit a nine-week low. The KSE's performance on Monday was the worst in the Asia.

              New Zealand Cricket team cancels Pakistan tour.
              (Updated at 1010 PST)
              KARACHI: New Zealand cricket officials on Wednesday cancelled the test tour of Pakistan after a bomb blast outside their hotel in Karachi ."I have made a decision to immediately cancel the remainder of New Zealand's cricket test tour of Pakistan," NZ Cricket chief executive Martin Snedden told a news conference. "I will now make an arrangement for the team to immediately fly out of Pakistan and return home to New Zealand."

              All people are equal, but some are more equal than others. We call these "corporations."


                The agencies better get their act together!
                But it seems they are too busy being 'goondas' towards their own people, and too busy making money to actually do their job properly!!



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                    Forget crazy conspiracy theories, if you look at the facts of this case, I don't think you can rule out Indias involvement.

                    After all, there are thousands of foreigners in Pak, why did they choose the ones working on the sub's?



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                        I'm talking about a specific event.

                        You are brining up things that I have not brought up. Stick to THIS incident, then if you want we can analyse all other incidents!


                          one of whom is thought to have been the suicide attacker.

                          I see everybody is ignoring this crucial line in the initial post. Everybody was defending Palestine suicide bombing on the ground that suicide bombing is done only when somebody is doing something terribly wrong and the other party has no means of redressal. Could it be then that in Pakistan somebody is doing wrong to somebody and the aggrieved party find this as legitimate form of expression.


                            [QUOTE]Originally posted by RealDeal:
                            I'm talking about a specific event.

                            Specifically, this was a devastating bomb and so far we have seen on this forum all guppies claiming those small explosions in Karachi to be handywork of RAW as RAW is only capable of those small crackers. Secondly, India had it been only tourists, even then you would have blamed it on India as you would then say that India want international pressure on India. So there is no end to blame-game.

                            You are brining up things that I have not brought up. Stick to THIS incident, then if you want we can analyse all other incidents!

                            I was only drawing parallel as how Pakistan blamed Pearl incident on India as they were sure India would gain and Pakistan would loose by this incident.


                              Most of the victims were part of a group of French engineers working on a nuclear submarine project, and were headed to work at the port of Karachi, police said.

                              I think, we know what the motive was, and who could have this kind of motive!