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Is the PAKISTANI GOVT. really so bankrupt ?

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    Is the PAKISTANI GOVT. really so bankrupt ?

    I was reading a news article at the following link in the online edition of DAWN.
    when I came across the following lines :

    It was decided to invite foreign experts to assist the local law-enforcement agencies in conducting the investigation of these acts of terrorism, Information Minister Nisar Memon told a press conference.
    The government, the minister added, had also created a website, , and people could also pass on information through this interactive web link.

    I could not believe what I was reading. Is the Pakistani Govt. really so bankrupt that it has to use free home page web-sites like Geocities or Tripod for its law enforcement needs..... One would imazine that Pak Govt would have its own website (which it does) and would use it for such purpose.The more I think of it, the more funny it seems......

    1.This belongs to PA.
    2.Whatever works is fine. I'm sure ppl will get the idea.

    3.Moved from Gen to PA.



      I guess that site must have been opened by yet another over-enthusiastic guppy. Pakistani govt. can do a more professional job!


        Yes, we are bankrupt. $35/ year are hard to come by. After all, it could feed at least 35 people.

        Speaking of feeding, dont you forget to feed the half a billion hungry in India either And yes, also house the homeless!


          Originally posted by Akif:
          ...Speaking of feeding, dont you forget to feed the half a billion hungry in India either And yes, also house the homeless!...
          Don't forget, the Indians need money for the penile implants for their soldiers aswell

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            Akif (and others here), India, with the largest number of people in poverty, does not have half a billion people poor.

            Yes, it did, 20 years ago. But a lot has happened in 20 years in the eastern side of Pakistan. We have halved it to 260 million (or 26% of population) at the end of 2001. Source: National survey from National Census Bureau.

            (Just FYI, for statistically curious people, 44% of Pakistanis are under poverty and this is increasing at 1% every year.)

            In other words, we have removed 240 million people out of poverty in 20 years. And today, our finance minister says (in you favorite city, Beijing), that he will remove another 260 million in 15 years (helped by a faster economy).

            We realise our problem. We are glad to know that you realize our problem too. We see a problem on your side. Hope you come to terms with it instead of conveniently forgetting it.


              And Akif, one more thing. It is NOT 35 dollars anymore. That was 10 years ago. A lot has happened in rest of the world in the last 10 years.

              You can register a domain for less than 7 dollars a year. I have a serious doubt if you have been struck with Amnesia.

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