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RACIST joke against pakistanis

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    RACIST joke against pakistanis

    Senior Tory sacked over racist joke

    Ann Winterton is vice-president of the rugby club

    Ann Winterton has been sacked from her post on the Conservative front bench for telling a racist joke.
    Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith offered the shadow rural affairs minister the option of resigning but she refused, insisting that an apology she had made earlier was sufficient.

    On Friday Mrs Winterton told a rugby club dinner in her Cheshire constituency of Congleton how an Englishman threw a Pakistani out of a railway carriage coach because, the Englishman said, they were '10 a penny' in this country.

    Mrs Winterton had apologised for the joke, saying: "I unreservedly apologise if anyone was offended or took offence to what I said."

    Restaurant owner Anan Islam, who sponsors Congleton Rugby Union Club, said he was planning to withdraw his support for the club following Mrs Winterton's comments.

    Mr Islam, who owns the Taste of Raj, in Congleton, has sponsored the club for several years but condemned Mrs Winterton's comments as "extremely bad".

    He said: "She is not an ordinary person, she is a public personality and she cannot make that kind of comment."

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    I'm up for a joke as anybody, but that joke was out of order. Smith made a good move.


      I wait for the day when I get to call these white folks rednecks (or something even more offensive) on International TV and still get away with it.


        Originally posted by sambrialian:
        I wait for the day when I get to call these white folks rednecks (or something even more offensive) on International TV and still get away with it.
        That says a lot about you.First you condemn her for being stupid,which she was.Then you want to go and be just as stupid as she has been,in fact you cant wait to do it.Last you seem to think she got away with it,what do you think should have happened to her,stoning to death,probably by the sound of it.
        Please just try to explain to everyone,
        just what good would your stupid statement do for race relations?



          yeah i also heard this racist remark on the news but i don't get it i mean what did she mean when she said that pakistani's are (10 a pennie.)

          Is she implying that their are toooooooooo many of us pakistanis in this country or what?


            Yeah, that's what she meant. Someone forgot to remind her that the British Empire went over there, not the other way 'round. In a generation or two, everybody becomes more British anyway. Even militant, British muslims are at least 50% British in their personality.


              Just thinking is this the true feelings of the ruling elite!

              People say its a joke but to me it shows the true mentality of a person if they find that a joke and funny.

              Personally i think this ann winterton spoke aloud what the majority of politicians of britain feel towards asians.