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Terrorists kill Islamic cleric who did not agree with terrorism

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    Terrorists kill Islamic cleric who did not agree with terrorism

    You can substitute the word "terrorists" with "wahabis" here.

    Another senseless death, another life lost and Pakistanis silently go about their businesses as if nothing is wrong. No one even bothered to post the news, since I guess most people are tired of reporting this news. Well, so am I, but I have a duty to report the mischief of Wahabis.

    My props to the brave policeman who at least tried to stop the m***** f***ing terrorists and paid with his life for going against the status quo of violence. An underpaid, under trained policeman just doing his job is more a threat to the terrorists then overpaid, highly trained 500,000 army sitting on their a**es making speeches on how bad terrorism is.

    BURN WAHABIS BURN...Sc**w them all!!

    Unidentified gunmen kill prominent moderate Islamic scholar in Pakistan
    Tue May 7, 2:43 PM ET
    By MUNIR AHMAD, Associated Press Writer

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Two gunmen on motorcycles killed a prominent moderate Islamic cleric, Ghulam Mustaza Malik, and his driver Tuesday night, spraying their car with bullets in the eastern city of Lahore before speeding off, police and doctors said.

    The assailants also killed a police constable, Maqbool Ahmad, when he tried to chase them after hearing gunshots in the residential area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, police said.

    No group immediately claimed responsibility for the killing of Malik, 65, who lectured regularly on government-run television and radio. Malik, like most Pakistanis, was Sunni Muslim.

    Dozens of his friends and followers gathered outside the hospital and his house, while the governor of Punjab province, Lt. Gen. (retired) Khalid Maqbool, sent condolences and ordered police to make "all-out efforts" to find the killers.

    "Malik was very upset by the incidents of sectarian killings and the day before his death he said difficult days are ahead for the country," one close friend, Maulana Fahizur Rehman, told reporters.

    Since Sept. 11, when President Gen. Pervez Musharraf abruptly ended Pakistan's support for Afghanistan (news - web sites)'s Taliban and backed the U.S.-led coalition in its war on terror, there has been a steady rise in religiously motivated violence.

    In January, Musharraf banned five militant Sunni Muslim organizations and one Shiite Muslim group, but the violence has continued.

    Less than an hour after Malik was shot, a Shiite Muslim was killed in another drive-by shooting in the port city of Karachi, police said. Syed Afghar Ali Zaidi, 26, was shot while he was sitting inside his tailor shop.

    On Monday, gunmen on motorcycles in Karachi sprayed a van carrying a school principal, Zafar Mehdi, and two associates, killing all three men, police said. Mehdi was a Shiite.

    No group claimed responsibility for that shooting either, which occurred a day after a member of an outlawed extremist Sunni Muslim group was assassinated in Karachi in an apparently religiously motivated killing thought to be carried out by Shiite extremists.

    ADMINS, can we keep this thread for reporting of all terrorist incidents in Pakistan?

    You can have use this thread to report anything you please. But be advised that certain religiously biased remarks of the kind you mentioned in your post are not welcome here. Neither are the kind of ongoing racial and ethnic posts you keep bringing up, welcome here.

    If you continue to repeat such behavior, I will ask for your posting privileges to be restricted. Post responsibly. You are mature enough.


      Ok, I concur on the ethnic aspect, but what do you mean by “religious biased remarks”? What religious biased remarks? I’m just calling a spade a spade. Wahabism is a death cult, not any respected religion I know of.


        These crazy mullahs first they were against Pakistan being created....and now since they know that they can't justify terrorism they go and kill moderates...I don't know what sort of crap they are filling in the minds of youngsters....but something must be done about them...and soon


          This is the legacy of Pakistans experiment with fundamentalists. I hope it can recover...


            How do you know they are wahabis?

            I’m just a freedom fighter
            No remorse
            Raging on in holy war
            Soon there’ll come a day
            When you’re face to face with me
            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              Originally posted by CM:
              How do you know they are wahabis?

              No of course, they are Qadyanis pretending to be Wahabis to tarnish the good name of Abdul Wahab.


                faraz shut up the crap. you are obsessed with wahabis. why would a sunni kill a sunni scholor. There is no link between him and Al Qaeda. you blame everything on wahabis. a chicken died on the street, and guess what thw wahabis were behind it. get a life..


                  Consider this your final warning.

                  If you can understand the ethnic part, then surely you can understand the religious part as well.


                    Akif, I will respect your decree, but no I can not understand your point at all. Their is big difference between Islam and its sects and Wahabism.


                      I think this whole discussion is disrespectful to Dr Ghulam Malik! If there are separate issues at hand, then resolve them without swinging onto his death, instead understand that there are the exact feelings which are being displayed that caused this in the first place...


                        Faraz, aka MQM ka loota,

                        What proof do you have that its the "wahabis" your personal enemies?


                        Your obsession with unknown entity which doesn't exist(but only in your head) will only hurt you. So, shun this hateful attitude and TALKS SOME FACTS boy, instead of empty, hateful remarks and claims/lies trying to stir more violence and hate among muslims with different opinion.

                        Anyway, very sad and big loss for us Muslims. May allah bring the murderers to justice!

                        This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you [i]Islam as your religion. - Surah Al-Ma'idah, verse 3

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                          Serial, so now you are denying that Wahabis don't even exist.


                            NO NAME CALLING!
                            Hi Guys and Girls,

                            I understand the ethno religious situation in Pakistan and that it is way too easy to say that either Shia's or Sunnis are involved . Infact sectarianism has become so well entranched that ALAS, now you can also suspect any other sunni sect as well.
                            My point is that Dr Murtaza was a highly respected man, a nice and down to earth and sooft spoken person. HE wasn't an extremist but a reformist and an open minded yet religious person.
                            The sad part is that the apathy of our nation isnot only reflected during the election days but also on such issues. I often wonder why we cannot protest against such sectarian killings. How long are these ppl going to play with the law and order sitaution in their hands and kill the innocent ppl with impunity.
                            I can only say that 'it 's our very own frankestien',the result of our open door policies during the Afghan war and afterwards.
                            Who will reign in these destructive forces that were unleashed by none other than our own governments.


                              Originally posted by Faraz Mir:
                              Serial, so now you are denying that Wahabis don't even exist.
                              Can you prove they do? Not a chance. You never could. Because people that you CONSIDER "wahabis" are only "wahabis" to you by name, so you can come here and refer to them as "wahabis" but none of them call themselves one.

                              Anyway, what proof do you have that it was the "wahabis?" None.

                              If I am not wrong, that cleric didn't do khatam sharifs, giyaarweens, taveez dahgaa, peer/fakeers, bowing to graves, magic/ superstition, etc. One can think of him as "wahabi" too because he didn't do things which "wahabis" stop you from doing.

                              Again, stop creating rifts upon rifts with your lies and hateful remarks. It doesn't help the Muslim ummah but break them up more. Unless that is what you want and so far it looks that you do want that.

                              This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you [i]Islam as your religion. - Surah Al-Ma'idah, verse 3

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