Perfect Article

As expected a spate of articles and letters has started appearing in the press to belittle the results of the Referendum. The main objections/observations are :-

(1) - Nazims and Naib Nazims brought droves of the voters to the polling stations.

Agreed! You can take the horse to the river but CANNOT force it to drink! Who forced them to stamp the 'Yes' ? What stopped them to vote 'No' ?<---Point to be noted

(2) - People cast multiple votes.

Agreed! Did they all cast 'Yes' multiple votes ? Has any one given it a thought that why did they cast multiple 'Yes' votes only and not multiple 'No' votes for which they had an equal opportunity? Does it not show that they like Musharraf many times over than the politicians whom they have come to recognize as the corrupt plunderers and looters ? <<<---- My feeling

(3) - Referendum is/was unconstitutional..

How and Why? Has not the Supreme Court of Pakistan unanimously given its verdict in its favour ? Have not the people of Pakistan overwhelmingly endorsed that verdict by casting 98 percent 'Yes' votes for Musharraf ?

(4) - Constitution can be amended by the Parliament only.

Yes, but I would prefer to say 'ultimately by the People'. After all it is the people who elect their representatives who in turn have the 'power' to make/amend the constitution. What's wrong with it if the 'people' decide to do it directly themselves without going through their 'intermediaries' whom they allocate the powers to do so?

(5) - Such a verdict will embolden Musharraf to amend the constitution in a manner that will render the future PM and the Parliament ineffective and totally at his mercy.

Yes, agreed. Amend the Constitution he will. But it should cause no undue alarm in the mind of future Parliamentarians as long as they perform their tasks in the best interest of the country and their electorates. General Musharraf has committed to the nation many times that he will not only let the Parliament play its positive role fully and freely but also strengthen it to do it so . However, he will not allow it to indulge in corrupt practices of here-to-fore. Is it not the need of the hour that our politicians and elected representatives serve the nation also for a change ? Or, do we still want the looters and the plunderers to skin us alive ? <----Point to be noted

I would request all, particularly the media men who can influence the opinion of their readers to a great extent, to please let this man do a good turn to the otherwise hapless masses.

Live & Let Live